Dear Mr. Crawford:

Your fans on this webpage have compiled some questions for you. If you ever happen by, and would take a few minutes to answer some or all of them, your fans would be very grateful.


 Would you please forward your answers to the c/o of The McCain Ranch!

 Thanks in advance, from all your fans!

(1) Do you still have a love of horses and do you ever ride for pleasure?
(2) Was there an episode of Rifleman you didn't like? Which one?
(3) Do you remember any guest stars in particular on the show who you were most impressed with?
(4) How often do you think back to the Rifleman days - a lot, or only once in a while?
(5) Do you keep in touch with any of Chuck Connors’ sons?
(6) Whatever happened to Blueboy? We know you appeared with Blueboy in an episode of Little House on the Prairie. Did he seem to recognize you?
(7) What sort of memorabilia have you kept from The Rifleman?
(8) Why were some "bloopers" left in? Like when he called Lucas "Dad" rather than Pa in Panic.
(9) What happened to the song, "Hey, Pa" that he and Chuck recorded during the early years of the show?
(10) Did he really rope the rifle out of Jack Elam's hands in "Tension"?
(11) Why wasn't he riding Blueboy in some episodes?
(12)  When  you play with your orchestra - do you have a favorite song - or has the audience a favorite song ?
(13)  Had you many out takes in "The Rifleman" - and do you have a special memory?
(14)  Did you ever erroneously call Chuck Connors "Chuck" on camera, or call him "Pa" off camera, or did he ever call you "Mark" off camera by mistake?
(15)  Of all the different things he has achieved, what makes him the most proud?
(16) One of our readers saw a picture of you once with a mustache. Have you ever tried to grow a beard?
(17) What was your most embarrassing moment, on or off the set?
(18) What did you learn from Chuck while playing Mark, did you follow through with them once you were grown up and on your own?
(19) Will you continue doing autograph shows so fans can meet you?
(20) Will the Johnny Crawford Orchestra ever tour so that more of us can listen to his music?
(21) Since you talk of holding onto your dreams, is there anything in life you wished you could have done, and didn't? 
(22) What is your favorite memory of Chuck Connors?
(23) What was it like working with Lee Van Cleef?
(24) What was it like working with Billy Hughes?
(25) What is your most favorite "bad guy" role you've played?
(26) In the second and third seasons, you wore a hat with a tear in the crown.   You mentioned in an interview that your dog had once chewed on your hat.  Was the tear caused by your dog?
        With Respect,
        Your Fans

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posted  4/4/08