Chuck Connors

July 18, 1984— Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Chuck was one of 1,558 that were placed all at once on the Hollywood sidewalk in 1960. Those people were chosen by a committee at the Chamber.

Ana Martinez-Holler
Vice President, Media Relations
Hollywood Walk of Fame (2008)

Chuck Connors TV 6838 Hollywood Boulevard
Chuck's star is in front of the El Capitan Theatre
Formerly: Hollywood Paramount Theater

Chuck's four sons were present to see their father presented
with his star, along with his grandkids.

To Chuck's right is Johnny Grant, Tinseltown’s Honorary Mayor. 
Behind Johnny is one of Chuck's four sons..... Kevin, Chuck's youngest son.  Behind Chuck to his left is Jeff & Chuck's grandson Cole, Jeff's son.  Next to Jeff on his left is Mike, the eldest and next to him is Steve with his daughter
Brittany Anne.

Chuck Connors with his granddaughter Brittany Anne, daughter of Steve Connors


From left to right.....Patricia Blair—Chuck Connors—Johnny Crawford—Joan Taylor

July 18, 1984 was a memorable day in the life of Chuck Connors when he was awarded his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the world's most famous sidewalk.  The ceremony took place at 6838 Hollywood Boulevard, adjacent to the Paramount Theatre, at 12:30 p.m.  Over two-hundred close friends participated in the dedication ceremony, including Johnny Crawford, Joan Taylor, and Patricia Blair from The Rifleman's, also good friend Bo Svenson was among the Hollywood contingent of actors; and producers David Gerber, Andy Fenady, and Jules Levy, Arthur Gardner and Arnold Laven.  Chuck's four sons were also there to help their famous dad celebrate his bid day, along with Friend Rose Mary Grumley and Steve Stevens, Chuck's agent.

Chuck's star was one of 1,558 that were placed all at once on the Hollywood sidewalk in 1960. Those people were chosen by a committee at the Chamber. 
Chuck received his star
July 18, 1984

Chuck Connors' business card

Chuck Connors Walk of Fame trading cards #75

See Chuck Connors receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
 This is home video given to me a long time ago by a good friend of mine, he has since passed on. I know he would have wanted me to share it with all of you.

Chuck Connors was inducted into the
Cowboy Hall of Fame in 1991

Chuck Connors
In Memory of "The Rifleman"
1921 - 1992
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