Be sure and get your copy of "The Rifleman" - 1st season on DVD.

You can buy these from LGL Productions at their General Store  or at  

This is the official website of "The Rifleman"

*Attention all members and non-members!

It has been brought to my attention that the new Rifleman - Season 1 DVD sets are being sold on EBay. The cost of these DVD's are quite a bit more then the ones you can buy from LGL Productions.

The bid starts out $99.00 or you can 'Buy it Now' for $128.99.

These prices are far more then the original cost of the DVD's on LGL Production site - which sells for $69.95

I can't imagine the fans buying these off of EBay & paying more for these DVD's when they can purchase them from the General Store at LGL Productions, the official website of
"The Rifleman"

Get your copy now.....

For those of you who are questioning the price of the new DVD's 2013 I thought I'd post this about the DVD's that was available from MPI years ago verses the DVD's that were just released.....

I’m not sure what year MPI started doing this but I know they were doing this for quite some time.  (I bought mine 10+ years ago)  They had produced 6 boxsets and to date only 120 episodes were released.

Anyway the point I’m trying to make is that boxset #1 back then was $59.95 that is what I paid for mine.  There were 20 episodes on this boxset.  I don’t remember exactly what I paid for each boxset but do remember paying $49.95 & 39.95 also.

The new Boxset has 40 episodes on it and is only $10 more than before.

So, really $69.95 isn’t a bad price from then until now and you are getting better quality plus 20 more episodes for your money.  And an extra plus is that all these episodes are in order!

Thank you LGL for releasing "The Rifleman"!  We've waited so long for this! Cowgirl!


Have you been ripped off?
Victims of consumer Rip-off want justice! 
309,303 have been reported as of March 7, 2008
Go to to file a report.  Thanks Steve for this info! 
Also read one complaint from a fan that was posted on this website.....Rip Off #0335263

Buyer Beware! 
Are you thinking of buying "The Rifleman" DVD's.....?" 

Note: Beware of unscrupulous EBAY dealers declaring The Rifleman is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN!! It is certainly NOT.
I have verified this with LGL Productions and also their attorney Steve Gardner.

The Rifleman is copyrighted by the respective
producers (LGL Productions) and The McCain Ranch is here for entertainment purposes only.

I STRONGLY hope that you will support the producers & family members and purchase the "Original DVD's."

Please do NOT help others to make money off of this great show!

I'm sure by now most of you are aware that "The Rifleman" DVD's are limited and are currently OOP! 
 (But we fans hope not for long!)
lease be careful and make sure you are buying the originals by MPI.  
(Not all of the original episodes are available at this time, no matter what anyone says)

List of original DVD's released to date & also the 48 episodes which have not been released to date.

*There are a few others that are legal beside MPI, but they haven't published as many episodes or Boxsets as MPI......Look for the product details.....Studio: MPI Home Video Studio: Alpha Video & Studio: Treasure Box Collection
I have been getting a lot of e-mail from fans wanting to buy all 168 episodes of The Rifleman.  I have been telling everyone all 168 are not "legally" available on DVD to date.  Some people were sure they were buying the real thing even after what I have told them.  So I wrote to Arnold Laven (One of the producers of The Rifleman) and asked him what I had stated above was is his reply.....

I forwarded your e-mail to our attorney...subsequently he told me that your were right...all the episodes have not been cleared...and that he would take the appropriate action...and for me to thank you for bringing the situation to his attention.  Best wishes,  Arnold

Update as of 11/28/07—

Margie...Unhappily we have not succeeded in getting a DVD distribution deal up to this time...just didn't work out...however, we are still working on it and have hopes that we will succeed early next year...for our fiftieth anniversary...I believe Amazon has some Rifleman DVD sets available...covering "X" number of episodes...I do not know that particulars........
Best wishes

Anyone looking for The Rifleman DVD's. 
Buyer Beware! All 168 episodes of The Rifleman have never been legally released. MPI was contracted to release The Rifleman episodes a few years ago. But this past year LGL Productions ( Levy, Gardner & Laven) did not renew their contract with MPI. Which leaves 120 episode "legally" released by MPI on DVD. The producers are looking into other options and are not telling right now what they are. There are 48 episodes that have not yet to date been released.

As far as the DVD's go with the exception of 'The Day of the Hunter' - 'Mail Order Groom' & 'Outlaw's Inheritance' have been released on DVD. Those three were contract special for sale & also included in varies western Boxsets. You may find some VHS's out there from before. I doubt you will find any now, but you never know. They are from MPI - Venture and a few more but can't think of the names at this time. But would know the cover to see them.

I don't know about you, but I hate bad copies of any show/movies!

FYI - The Rifleman is now being aired on The Western Channel.

We here at The McCain Ranch are hoping for a 50th anniversary Boxset plus extras. Don't know if that will happen, but keep your fingers crossed. Crossing your eyes & toes won't hurt a bit either. ; )

If you have a link to a page with the Rifleman DVD's for sale and not sure what to buy.....I would be glad to take a look at it for you or help you any way I can.   Just send me the link.  Please feel free to ask, I am more then willing to help you!

 *FYI-for all of you who do not know the copyright laws—Current copyright laws vary from country to country, and while many countries allow private copying for personal use, some may not. However, no country allows you to make copies of copyrighted material for sale or distribution
even free distribution to friends—No exceptions!).
Please respect all laws and regulations of the country that you live in. 
So please don't ask!  9/7/06

Do you have a horror story to tell about trying to purchase
"The Rifleman" DVD's?

*Something's to watch for when purchasing "The Rifleman" DVD's from Rifleman fans just like you that has had problems in the past.....

A word to the wise about purchasing the "complete" set of Rifleman DVDs listed on the Internet -- I won't provide the URL but you can easily find it by doing a simple Google search: Use a credit card for the purchase and strange transactions occur --> outside the U.S. Beware!—'Jerry from Northern California'
Rob:  I was thinking about purchasing episodes of the Rifleman & would appreciate your advice in buying the 80 episode Red Box set with the following seller on EBay (EBay ID:  XXXXXXXXXX)
 The seller has a 100% EBay rating & buyers indicate that the quality is great.  The seller also indicates the following for what it is worth:
 "The works presented on these DVDs are in public domain. The contents have been researched and found that all copyrights have either expired or lapsed through non-renewal. We are the copyright holder to this collection and are in full compliance with EBay's listing policies on recordable media."
Your help is appreciated.—Rob

Margie:  I then forwarded Rob's e-mail to Arnold.....

Hi Arnold,
I am sorry to bother you again about this issue, but I have been getting more & more e-mail about fake DVD's.  This one I found particularly interesting because at the end of their EBay posting it has this comment.....
The works presented on these DVDs are in public domain. The contents have been researched and found that all copyrights have either expired or lapsed through non-renewal. We are the copyright holder to this collection and are in full compliance with EBay's listing policies on recordable media.
How can they have the copyrights to this?  The DVD's are not public domain!!!!!  This can't be for real!
I have attached the e-mail from XXX, fans of The Rifleman that sent this to me.  Please note in their e-mail is the link to these DVD's that are up for sale.
Catch ya' later!

Margie to Rob.....I have forwarded your e-mail to Steve Gardner...I am not on top of the particulars, but I am ninety nine percent sure that none of the episodes of the Rifleman are in public domain...that LGL is very careful to renew all copyrights before they expire and therefore the DVDs posted on E-bay as well as any other DVDs on the market, that are not distributed by a company authorized by LGL, are illegal...Steve is currently addressing the problem of "pirated" DVDs.... many thanks for the information contained in your e-mail...
We're doing the best we can all is well with you...Arnold

Steven Gardner to Arnold:  Please tell Margie “Thank you”.  I have notified E-Bay.

Again I was notified by the same person with more links of phony sellers.  All those links have been forwarded to Steven Gardner.

Who owns the rights?

Being an avid “Rifleman” fan, my wife bought we a DVD boxset of the complete TV series.  When I received same, it was obvious that it was a pirated version.  Can you tell me who owns the rights to the TV series, so that they can be alerted that the series is being pirated?—Greg

Hi Greg,
 All 168 episodes as of to date are not available on DVD, legally - only 120 episodes are available at this time and that was by MPI.  The producers have chose not to re-new their contract at this time for the other 48 episodes, but are looking into other options.  Again just to make myself clear.....There are 48 episodes not yet published, legally.  The originals are really hard to get right now, they are most likely sold out (MPI).
Levy, Gardner & Laven  - own the rights to The Rifleman.
I have been told that they are aware of this, but I'm not sure, I only know what a friend of mine had said. 
Here is the link I found on the web with their info LGL Productions

Sorry Greg for your misfortune, I have warned everyone that enters The McCain Ranch about these pirated version, time and time again in my newsletter.  If you have further question, please feel free to e-mail me. 
If you do get in touch with the producers, I'd be interested in what they have to say. 
FYI - The Western Channel is now airing The Rifleman.
Catch ya' later!

Dear Margie,
I very much appreciate your prompt and gracious reply to my earlier email.  In the “for what it’s worth department,” in the end the only true misfortune I’ve suffered is not having the full DVD collection.  I contacted my credit card company and contested the charge on the basis of fraud.  The charge was credited back to my account after filling out a form and mailing it back to the credit card company.  The outfit that sold me the DVDs (TVBOXSET.COM) contacted me and asked me to return the product.  I informed them (and the credit card company) that I certainly would…but only to the rightful owner.  Two weeks ago, and after the matter had been fully adjudicated with the credit card company, I sent the DVDs to the address listed on the website that you furnished me.  Thanks.
I’ll let you know if I hear anything back from the production company.—Greg

Here is what Greg wrote to LGL on July 19, 2007:
 Levy-Gardner-Laven Productions
9595 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, California 90212
Dear Sirs:
I am an avid fan of “The Rifleman” television series.  This Father’s Day, my wife decided to get me a box set of the complete series, which she did at TVBOXSET.COM.  At first I was delighted.  However, shortly after having opened the set and after watching some of the DVD content, it became painfully obvious that the product was “pirated.” 
I immediately contacted the company that sold my wife the DVDs and pointedly suggested that the material appeared to be pirated, and asked them for a response.  In their replies and during the course of our email communications they conveniently danced around my direct inquiries.  They finally offered to refund my money and sent me instructions on how and where to return the product. 
After conducting some research on the internet, I found several web pages that referred to this company and their apparent fraudulent and improper reproduction of licensed material.  At that point, I emailed them and told them that I would return the product…not to them, but to its rightful owner.  I think that owner is you.
Fortunately, my wife paid TVBOXSET.COM with a credit card.  I contacted my credit card company and disputed the charge to my card on the basis of fraud.  I advised the credit card company of my intended course of action and they credited my card for the $160 that was spent.
In any event, enclosed herein, and as sad as the reproduction quality is, kindly find your property.  I don’t know if you will want to pursue legal action against TVBOXSET.COM, but if you do, I’d be glad to furnish any information that I might have in furtherance of that endeavor.
From what I’ve learned on the internet, on one of “The Rifleman” fan sites, the whole series has not been released, and the episodes that had been previously been released, are in short supply. Hopefully you guys will release the series again, at some point in the future.  At that time, I’ll be happy to buy the “real deal.”
Sincerely, Greg

June 11, 2007
Capital One
P.O. Box 30279
Salt Lake City, UT 84130
SUBJECT:  Disputed charge on xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx by WWW.SXR.CA
To whom it may concern:
Capital One account number:  xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
Merchant Information:  WWW.SXR.CA, aka, 05/12/2007, $159.98
Reason for returned merchandise or cancelled service:  I ordered a DVD box set of the TV series, “The Rifleman.”  When it was received, I noticed that the quality of the videos was inferior.  In most instances, it appeared to have been recorded on a VCR and transferred to DVD.  After viewing several of the episodes, it became clear the product was a pirated reproduction.  I conducted further investigation on the internet which revealed that the entire series of “The Rifleman” was not licensed for DVD and/or VCR reproduction, further; a google search revealed there appear to have been other instances of this company pirating other video properties.
Date of cancelled service:  I emailed the company ( and advised them that I wanted a refund on June 1, 2007.
Date of returned merchandise:  I have not returned the product.  In as much as the product is pirated, it does not belong to  It is my intention, that once I receive a credit to my account for the fraudulent sale, to forward the product to the copyright holder, Levy, Gardner, Laven Productions, in Los Angeles, CA.  This property belongs to them.
Describe attempts to return merchandise:  As mentioned above, I emailed the to advise that I wanted my money back.  When they replied on 6/4/2007, they said that they were going to issue a credit to my account within 3 to 5 days.  Along with that email, they advised me to mail the product back to them.  (See attached email from them).  As noted above, I intend to send the product to the rightful owner, once this matter has been satisfactorily resolved.
Describe merchant’s return/refund policy:  30 Day Unconditional 100% guarantee.
Did I return the merchandise according to the merchant’s policy:  Absolutely not. is a fraudulent operator, and a thief.  They have improperly reproduced video property that does not belong to them.  As stated above, once this issue is resolved, I will be sending this DVD set to the rightful owner, the production company.
Describe efforts to resolve the dispute with the merchant:  There is no negotiating with individuals who are thieves.
Describe the merchant’s response to my request to receive a credit for the disputed merchandise:  As noted above (see attached email from, they said they would issue a credit to my account within 3 to 5 business days.  They have yet to do so.


Greg: It appears that our friends at TVBOXSET.COM, have pulled up stakes and folded tent…but, they appear to have reopened their “campsite” under the domain name DVDIGNITER.COM.  They also offer the “complete boxset” with all 168 episodes.  You might want to pass on the word to our fellow fans. Your pal, Greg

I applaud you did good!  Thanks for all your info & helping out other Rifleman fans.   

I have posted such negative things lately about "The Rifleman" DVD's that it is good to post a positive note.....

Hi Margie,
Thought I'd let you know about my good fortune in obtaining the MPI box set collection #1 of "The Rifleman". I was checking out Amazon a couple months ago and seen that they had this previously discontinued Boxset now for sale. I thought it probably must be a mistake but I purchased it anyway. Their invoice said that it would be about 6 weeks before delivery and when the 6 weeks went by, they backordered it again. I figured they'd keep backordering it but then I got the notice that it was shipped. It arrived today, a brand new sealed Boxset #1 from MPI. I've got 1 and 2 of the collection now and I'm hoping the remaining sets are a little easier to find. So I guess it pays to keep your eyes on the lookout and in my case it paid off. Thanks for the info that you sent me.
Joel      posted 8/24/07
I am trying very hard to find the collection set for a Christmas Gift.  We just love watching the show every night at 7 pm.
Please let me know a trustworthy site I can order these from and if there is anything that can be done with this company trying to claim they have all of the DVD's available.

I just ordered a complete 168 episodes from a company I just found out has scammed me and several others.
they used a web name of but I've found at least 6 other web sites this company uses trying to hide and trick people.

I've contacted my credit card company to get the charges reversed since they charged my card and now I can not get them to answer me.

I ordered the Rifleman and the Lone Ranger from them and now have found out they don't respond to email, never sent an order confirmation via email as they say they will and there are several forums out there stating they have never received the products etc.

I have gone through the back door on the dns lookups and found one to be FL and another to be Canada
here are a couple of the websites.
anonymous—posted 11/28/07
Hi Margie,
After almost two months of waiting for our $110 purchase (billed right away to our charge card) of the full, 168-episode, "Collectors Edition" of The Rifleman, it finally arrived from Canada.  During the 2-month waiting period, we grew suspicious and started searching the Internet on the company we purchased it from and found that there are a lot of unsatisfied people out there. 
We cancelled our credit card and filed a claim with with Visa that contained 24 pages of e-mails back and forth from the company in Canada.  Obviously, what we received in the mail is junk.  We finally used our brains and went to The Rifleman web site and just finished reading all the great information you have posted.  Great news!  We have a leg to stand on and certainly should get our money refunded by Visa.
We purchased the rip-off from DVDPLANET.ORG - - not to be confused with .COM.  This site was not listed on your site, and I thought you'd like to add it.  Interestingly, the mailing label said the package contained "Instructional Media Sample" and the value declared was $10.
I read a complaint on, and there is a rebuttal from the owner/president of on the integrity of his company.  Well, thanks to your information, I now have my "guns" loaded . . . or should I say, my "rifle" loaded?
My husband is so encouraged, he's celebrating right now by enjoying several episodes from an MPI boxed set.  Thanks for the eye-opener!  Jposted 12/24/07

I just read with horror your website warning us Rifleman fans to beware when purchasing the complete DVD set of the Rifleman.  Alas, I think this has come too late for me.  On November 29th I purchased the "Complete Rifleman Series" for a total of $132.98 from an outfit called TVAddicts.   They charged my credit card immediately and told me that I would receive a confirmation of processing my order within 48 hours and would receive my order in 12 - 14 days.  I have received nothing.  I have e-mailed them 8 times to no avail, even though they said they would answer my e-mail in 48 hours.  I had called and left them 8 detailed messages on the telephone and have received no response back.  The only indication that I have ordered these 168 episodes is the $132.98 on my credit card.
To say I am sickened with fear is an understatement.
What do you think I should do?  Do you think I have been scammed?
Judith S.  posted 12/24/07

Hi Margie,
Thanks for your response.
I have a formal letter already typed out to send to my credit card company disputing the charge on it from the company.  I dealt with and the total cost was to be $132.98.  On my credit card statement it shows as WebDVD for $140.12 -  two discrepancies right there!
I have been trying to log on to for the last several days and it comes up as inoperable, so I know something is "rotten in Denmark".
I do so much want 168 episodes of my beloved Rifleman, but as your website mentioned, legally, they are still unavailable.
I have "The McCain Ranch" website on my "Bookmarks" and was surprised you mentioned it in your e-mail.  Are you affiliated with it?
Thanks again for your assistance and I will keep you informed about what happens.  You may post my horror story on your website if you wish.  Just let me know if you do.
Wishing happy holidays to you and yours (mine would be merrier if I could look at Lucas and Mark!).
Judith S.  posted 12/24/07
My brother loves The Rifleman show, so I thought that it would be a great gift if I could get him the entire collection for Christmas.  I initially looked for the collection on, but did not find the entire collection.  I decided to do a general search for The Rifleman on the internet to see if I could find the entire series.  I found a website "", which listed the complete television series for $108.99 plus $23.99 in shipping for a total of $132.99.  I figured that this would be the perfect gift for him since he is difficult to buy for.
I placed my order and they said that I would receive an email within 48 hours with my tracking number for shipping purposes.  I never received this email, so after four days I went out on their website and sent them an email, which they claimed would be answered within 48 hours.  Needless to say, they never responded.  I then called the toll free number on my invoice yesterday and of course, all representatives were busy and they asked me to leave a message.  Again promising that they would reply within 48 hours.  I also sent an email to the email address on the invoice and it came back as undeliverable.  I was suspecting that this company may have scammed me, but after receiving the email back as undeliverable, I decided to do some searching on the internet to see if I could find out anything about this company.
This is what brought me to your website.  I wish that I had found your site before I ever ordered the collection from  I didn't realize that the entire series had not been released yet.  Oh, well.  I guess that we live and learn.  Now I have to start the process of having my credit card company credit my account due to fraud.
Although I didn't see your site before I was scammed, I really appreciate the information that you have provided on your website regarding The Rifleman series and I will check back from time to time to see if they have legally released the entire series for purchase.
Thanks!  Marja posted12/25/07
I went to to purchase "all 168 rifleman episodes" on 23 DVDs. They were purchased for $109.99 on 12-16-07 and I have yet to receive anything but my credit card billed. Now they "cannot" respond back.  Anonymous  posted 1/28/08

Rifleman's DVD part 2

Buyer Beware continued

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