The Rifleman

The kids who were in 'The  Schoolmaster'

Chuck with his son Kevin outside the schoolhouse.

*All four of Chuck's boys were in this episode.  Can you pick any of them out in episode #86
'The Schoolmaster'
They are in the wagon ride to school and some in the class room.  
 In 'Tension' Jeff  played Toby Halpern.  He and Mike both appeared in
 'First Wages.'  Did you see them?  They are the boys that wanted Mark to go fishing.

"A Happy Valentine, Uncle Chuck!"
say Deidre & Pamela Cole with kisses

 is star of ABC-TV's "The Rifleman"

A professional baseball player, turned actor and playing the role of Rancher Lucas McCain, is Chuck Connors whose birthday is April 10.
Chuck lives in Woodland Hills in western San Fernando Valley with his wife and four children — all boys, and real boys they are too.  Deidre and Pamela, Chuck's nieces, are very fond of their Uncle Chuck as are boys and girls are everywhere.  We hope he's a favorite of yours.

In an article from TV Star Parade, May 1959.  Chuck's sister, Gloria, said that Chuck loved to spend time with his nieces.

Arnold Moss as Stevan Griswald, the teacher
Jimmy Fields as Billy Davis
Johnny Crawford as Mark McCain

Pamela Cole on the left
Pamela is 2 months younger than Chuck's son Mike
(dunno know the boy on the right)

Kevin and Deidre are sitting together across from Pamela
Steve Gardner to the left of this picture

Connors' family tidbit.....Michael Connors, 13, the oldest son of Chuck Connors, became a full U.S. Citizen on 8/11/64, he was swore in at the Department of Justice in Los Angeles.  Michael was born in Canada while his father was playing baseball for the Montreal Royals.  This gives Michael dual citizenship. 

Johnny Crawford in "The Rifleman" wore Billy the Kid Blue Jeans.  Johnny Crawford looks very Western, but jeans like that were not worn in the 1870s-80s, rather overalls with the bib front was the available style.  This was taken from the Historical boys' clothing.

North Fork had three different school teachers.....Marilee Phelps - played the school teacher, in 'Eight Hours to Die.' (1958)  Depending on where you check this info you will find her credited as Miss Adams or teacher.
Later Patricia Barry played Adele Adams, the towns school teacher in 'Three Legged Terror' and 'The Woman.' (1959) 
 In 'The Schoolmaster' - Arnold Moss played Stephen Griswald, the new school teacher in town. (1960)

Steve Gardner, Arthur Gardner's son was also in this episode.  He was the boy with the black hat, plaid shirt  & he also had suspenders on.  Today Steve is a well established Lawyer & also the lawyer for LGL Productions.

Arnold Laven's daughter Barbara and his son Larry was also in this episode, but I'm not sure which one is them.  Barbara & Larry were in the back of the wagon.  Arnold could not remember for sure if they were in the classroom.  I sent him a few pictures of the kids in the classroom, but they weren't in them.

This also was in the Children's Playmate Magazine, February 1961.
 This is the best I could do.  I thought you might enjoy it, especially since Betty was also in this article.

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