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Episode 143 & 144
part 1 & 2 continued - credits & piddlin' stuff.....

The Bandits

First let's start out with the writer of this episode.....Robert Culp.  Beside being an actor, he has wrote and directed many of things.
piddlin' stuff.....Robert Culp played in two episodes of "The Rifleman."  'The Hero' as Colly Vane.  He played the town hero until the town folks found out the outlaw was shot in the back and 'The Man from Salinas' as Dave Foley, the bounty hunter who claimed to be Rudy Gray's brother so he could get the $2,000 bounty on Gray.  Remember him in "Trackdown," "I Spy" and "The Greatest American Hero."  He also played Warren, Debra's father on "Everybody Loves Raymond."
  Johnny Crawford appeared with Robert Culp in "Trackdown"twice, really good episodes.
He would have replaced Larry Hagman as J.R. in "Dallas" if Hagman decided not to return to the series because of contract negotiations. 
Robert Culp was a close friend of Sam Peckinpah. 

 Vito Scotti  played Alphonso.  He was the one who was the leader of the bandits.  He has also appeared in several episodes of "The Rifleman" besides 'Waste' 1 & 2 he was in 'The Sixteenth Cousin' as Soto and 'Which Way'd They Go?'  as Marcello Chabini the owner of the bank in Paradise.  Didn't he do just great in this episode?  He sure convinced me he would have enjoyed killing any of them.  Except for Mark.  These Mexican bandits sure liked Mark, remember Vaqueros?  
Along with Lon Chaney he was know as a man with a thousand faces.
 Vito started out with a solo nightclub act, and was known as both a suave magician and a fine mime.  He was the most frequent visitor to Gilligan's Island. He appeared in four episodes as the WWII Japanese sailor and as Dr. Balinkoff. He was to be scheduled to portray a pirate in the 4th season (before the show was canceled).
He was the voice of the Italian cat in "The Aristicats." 
I know you have seen Vito over and over again!  You name - he's done it!     

Enid Jaynes played Amy Barker in this episode of 'Panic.'  She also appeared in 'The Wyoming Story' - part 1 & 2.  She played Aggie.  She's the woman who wanted Lucas to take her with him when he returned to North Fork.  She and Dabbs Greer played in two of "The Rifleman" episodes together.  'Panic' and 'The Wyoming Story.'   In the 'Quiet Fear' she was the woman who was deafAbby Striker.  In 'Waste' - part 1 & 2 - she was the pregnant woman.  She's the one who slapped Lucas's face at the end of the episode.   She did not have one speaking line in 'Waste' or in 'Quiet Fear.'  
She also appeared with Chuck in "Geronimo" (1962) as Huera. 
 She was married to Jules V. Levy, he was one of the producers for "The Rifleman."  He also produced "Geronimo."
Perils of a Producer's wife.....

Alex Montoya played Ear Digger.  He was the one playing cards with Alphonso.
Alex appeared in "The Magnificent Seven."  He has appeared in just about all the TV classic westerns among a lot of other things.  

Pepe Hern played Sleeper.  He played Abuelito Lazaro in 'Vaqueros.'  He's the one who took Mark on ahead.  He was given Lucas' shirt. 
 He was a priest in the movie "Joe Kidd"  He too was in "The Magnificent Seven"
He was born in Spain.

Tony Rosa played Horse Teeth Looker.  He was the one who Lucas hit with the shovel.
He was the Gambler in "The Old Man and the Sea" and the man walking the poodle in "Guys and Dolls."

Sara Taft played the old woman.  She also played Sarah Caruthers in 'Dead Cold Cash.'.  She was the bitter old woman  who wanted Lucas killed within one week of her death.
She has appeared in "The Mechanic" ~ "Death of a Gunfighter" ~ Donovan's Reef" ~ "Kid Galahad" ~ "Parrish" ~ "The Story of Ruth" ~ "Vertigo" and "The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm."   She also had done several television shows.  I know you have seen her.   

How about this statement?  Never been in this fix before.....
"You can't do it alone!  And even if you do send me off, I'll come right back and jump one of them with a rock.  I swear I will!"  "You never talked to me like that before son."  Mark replied....."I've never had to. We've never been in such a fix before."   "No.....(sigh).....I guess we haven't."  

 This is a very good episode in every way!  I would have liked to have heard more on Mark's and Micah's conversation together.  I like how Mark stood up to what he thought he was right and didn't back down. 
"Mark did good Lucas!"

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