Benny Carle
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How many of you remember Benny Carle as the Telegraph Clerk, Amos Blaine,
 in the episode 'The Assailant' #149?

Benny Carle

Steve Marlo also appeared in this episode 'The Assailants' with Benny, Steve was one of the soldiers, please check out Steve's page

I tip my Cowgirl hat to both of you!

I asked Benny if he remembered Steve Marlo.....Benny:  "Of course I remember Steve Marlo.  How could I forget the guy who knocked me out in the telegraph office!  But he was really a great guy.  He knew this was my first acting job, so he took me outside the office before the scene and explained to me that in order for the fight to look real, he would need to swing to HIT!"

 "Since I knew my cue, it was up to me to get out of the way and it would not look like he had pulled the punch.  Well, I did it the way he instructed and we did the scene in ONE TAKE!.  And believe me the director was really impressed."

Benny was a personality on WBRC-TV, Channel 6, which was then the ABC affiliate in Birmingham, Alabama. Somehow, during that 1962-63 TV season, ABC had a publicity campaign whereby they were choosing one on-air personality from each of their affiliate stations and having these folks make cameo appearances on various network shows. Benny says that Chuck Connors requested him from WBRC, because Connors had appeared as a guest on his children's show during an earlier visit to Birmingham. (Benny did many different things as a staff announcer, but he was most famous for his afternoon kid show.)

Benny Carle: Chuck Connors himself placed me in as a reciprocal to him appearing on my own TV show, "Circle Six Ranch" in my home town of Birmingham, Alabama several months before.


This is Benny today with his lovely wife Pat

Benny just turned 81 (2006) and is the owner of WBCF radio/TV in Florence, Alabama.
  Benny was a legendary Birmingham TV personality,  for more information about Benny's career, click here..... 
Birmingham"The Magic City Kids' Show"
a special feature by Tim Hollis

Benny sent me several pictures from when he appeared on his "Circle Six Ranch Show" to share with all of you.
Circle Six Ranch

I would like to thank Tim Hollis for his time & all the information he had provided me with and a special thanks for introducing me to Benny Carle!   Thanks Tim!  Cowgirl
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