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'Mark's Rifle' episode #150 - 1 of 4 pages

In 'Conflict' Lou tells Lucas she was wearing a new dress. 
She worn the same dress in an earlier episode - 'Mark's Rifle' 

New Merchants in North Fork?  While Lucas waits in the Livery to see if Marty will try to grab his horse and leave town. It is nighttime in North Fork.  You can barely see two signs in the dark.  I put them in Paint Shop and this is what I came up with.
 One sign says Joe Calhoun, M.D.The other sign says Culver's Livery Stable - Stanley Culver, Prop. 

We also see the same night scene/sign of Joe Calhoun, M.D. in 'The Guilty Conscience' episode #137 & 'The Blowout.'  Cowgirl!

Remember the part where Lucas and Lou get back to the hotel and Lucas told Lou he had never seen her look prettier then she did that night as he took a piece of straw from her hair? In Chuck's book....."The Man Behind the Rifle" by David Fury, there is a part something like this, I wonder if this episode and the quotation in the book go together? 
"One time we we're walking in, and we knew we'd been out in the wagon − so Chuck sprinkled hay all over me, and he was picking it out of my hair as we came in! And we were carrying our shoes, which sort of told everyone what we were out doing! And that was the way Chuck was, he would do things on the spur of the moment − and it was always with the movement, and the interplay in the scene.  He was just wonderful to work with," said Patricia Blair.  

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