Bob Woodward
Who guest starred in the most episodes of "The Rifleman?"
Who is your favorite character actor?




'The Young Englishman'
as a cowhand for the Crown Ranch



'The Indian'
as a cowboy in the saloon

as one of the cowboys participating in the Shivaree



'The Safe Guard'
as the cowboy driving the wagon that is
carrying the safe to North Fork.

'The Sister'
as the cowboy driving the stagecoach. 
He is in front of the Castro Stage Depot.



'The Angry Man'
as one of the cowboy's who helped load Carey
 into the wagon

'The Dead-eye Kid'
as the stagecoach driver

Robert Drew Woodward was born March 5, 1909 in Oklahoma
He died February 7, 1972 in Granada Hills, California.

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