Cesare Danova
(pronounced Chez-a-ray Da-NO-va)
Who guest starred in the most episodes of "The Rifleman?"
Who is your favorite character actor?




'Duel of Honor' as Count Alfredo Di Marcosini

'Baranca' as Baranca 



'The Guest' as Mario Rosati

If you had to write your 'interpretation' of what you believe (just for pretend) really happened when we see Mario Rosati 'appear' as though he was going to kill Lucas. In other words, without changing the episode in any way, could you interpret the ending differently?  'The Guest' — The End

Cesare Danova was born March 1, 1926 in Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy
Birth Name: Cesare Deitinger
He died March 19 1992, Los Angeles, California, of a heart attack

Cesare Danova — Find A Grave

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