Chris Alcaide

Who guest starred in the most episodes of "Th
e Rifleman?"
Who is your favorite character actor?




Hamp Ferris in 'The Trade' 

 Panama Billings in 'The Obituary'



Lon Perry in 'A Case of Identity'

Spence in 'A Time for Singing'



Schroeder in 'Meeting at Midnight'

Ben Casper in 'Dead Cold Cash'



Ross in   'The Wyoming Story' 1 & 2

Will Carney in 'The Journey Back' 



Dave Rankin in 'Squeeze Play' 

Western actor Chris Alcaide was born October 22, 1923 in Youngstown, Ohio. 
He died of cancer at age 81 on June 30th, 2004.

Chris Alcaide Find A Grave

Though he appeared in such non-Western productions as "The Glass Menagerie," "The Wild One" with Marlon Brando, "Assassination" with Charles Bronson and "Kid Galahad" with Elvis Presley, he was best known for his work in the Western genre. He has appeared in over 400 Western TV episodes. His movie credits include "The Miami Story," "Gunslinger," "Miami Expose," "The 49th Man," "Massacre Canyon" and "Rock All Night." 

Chris Alcaide was a great character actor. I bet he worked more then most regular actors.
A well known and well loved actor!  I tip my Cowgirl hat to you!
I bet I know where all those great Cowboys that big ranch in the sky called Cowboy Heaven!

Chris Alcaide was in 10 episodes of "The Rifleman?" 
There is one other actor that had appeared in 10 episodes also. 
Do you know who it is?
What was your favorite episode that Chris Alcaide appeared in? 
Who was your favorite character he played?

In what two episodes did Chris Alcaide say....."I hear you're a bear with that rifle?" 
 Remember this line?  Only Chris Alcaide could deliver it so well!  

In the 1970's Chris and his wife Peri did many antique and collectable shows selling art work and pictures of the stars.  That is where I met them.  They were a friend of another friend of mine who introduced me to them.  Nothing was ever mentioned for quite a while that he was in many TV Westerns that I grew up watching.  He looked so familiar.  Then one day his wife happened to mention that he was indeed a TV star and that is when I finally knew where I had seen him before.  He was a very nice gentlemen and when I got to talking to him found out he had worked with most all of my favorite Western Stars.  We all saw each other quite a bit around this time as we always ended up doing the same shows.

Not too long before I moved from California to Oklahoma I went for a visit to Palm Springs and saw his star on the sidewalk there.  I am glad he was honored in this way.  I am sure he appreciated it. 

Thanks Linda from Oklahoma for sharing this with us!  

*I got this e-mail from a Rifleman fan with the Subject reading: "I Talked With Panama Billings"
 I bet my eyes got as big as a silver dollar! 
 Anyway, I found this story quite interest and thought all you Cowboys & Cowgirls might enjoy it as much as I have.

That's right.  It was several years ago, in the Commerce Club Casino of Southern California.  We were playing 5/10 draw poker at the same table. He was sitting directly across from me, and he was marveling at the fact that
anybody even recognized him at all, let-alone knew his name.  You should have seen HIS EYES LIGHT UP, and his DESIRE TO TALK COME ALIVE, when he heard me ask, "Excuse me, but aren't you Chris Alcaide?"

We talked for quite a while about his parts, and he enjoyed very much, with a REAL GLEAM IN HIS EYES, the process of describing to me so many of the other character actors he'd worked with, while, again, marveling at my recollection of most of them.  In fact, I even recalled a couple of his roles, including a guest spot on "Bonanza," which HE COULDN'T REMEMBER!!! The only one he really seemed proud of was barely more than a "cameo" role, in "The Oscar," starring Stephen Boyd (A GREAT FILM!!!).  I told him that, while there are many "Trekkies," myself EMPHATICALLY included, I was also a TOP Rifleman fan, during my youngest, most impressionably formative years (THANK GOD!), with a DEEP, DEEP APPRECIATION of the RELIGIOUS AND PHILOSOPHICAL VALUES therein portrayed, and which, SAD TO HAVE TO SAY, were to be COMPARABLY FOUND VIRTUALLY NOWHERE ELSE!!!

I thank God there were shows such as The Big Valley as well, which did so decisively much to help shape my values and character (or at least sincerely aspiring though humanly imperfect character) to this very day.  I'm sorry
I'll never get a chance in this world to "run into" Chuck Connors, although I did briefly see him coming out of a store, in Palm Springs, when I was a small boy (I'm now 56).  Of course, there was no conversation, and thus no
way of having been one-hundred percent certain.  However, even at my young age, he looked, AT WORST, like a DEAD RINGER to me!  The adults with me were saying, "Hey, look, there's Chuck Connors!"  Therefore, I wasn't the only eyewitness to that particular episode.  I haven't the nerve to write to Johnny, as I fear the NATURE of what I'd like to share with him would be too PRESUMPTUOUSLY, SELF-IMPOSINGLY far (at least without a PRIOR INVITATION, which seems HOPELESSLY IMPOSSIBLE), on my part, beyond the scope of his current preoccupations; particularly with respect to the type of e-mail address he provided, and the clearly limited form of business correspondence it is intended to accommodate.  Richard O'Donnell

Thanks Richard for sharing your story with us!  Cowgirl

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