Dennis Cross
Who guest starred in the most episodes of "The Rifleman?"
Who is your favorite character actor?



'The Safe Guard' as Witcherly

'The Gaucho' as Ned Dunnell



 'The Pasty' as Lafe Oberly

'The Hero' as Dorn



'The Vision' as Fance Degnan

'The Quiet Fear' as Martin

Dennis was born in Whitefish, Montana on December 17, 1924. 
He died April 6, 1991 in Los Angeles, California.
He joined the Marine Corps at age 17 and fought against the Japanese at Guadalcanal.
He studied acting on the G. I. bill at the Actors Lab in Hollywood. This was next to the famous Schwab's drug store where a few of the famous glamour stars were discovered.
He went to New York when the television industry started to grow. While there, he appeared in numbers of Live shows and Commercials. In those days they did not make film copies of the shows, this was done on kinescope. Dennis did a Philco Television Playhouse entitled "A Trip To Bountiful" with one of the famous silent movie stars, Lillian Gish. Dennis had worked the night shift in a factory the day before the shooting of the show. He broke his finger and had it in a splint. When he showed up for the show, he approached the producer and stated that he was sorry about his injury and that he realized he couldn't appear. They told him to go ahead. This episode was chosen to be placed in the archives of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, N.Y. He is portrayed as big as life behind the cage of a bus ticket counter with his finger in a white splint, selling Lillian Gish a ticket - and the image lives in an archive! (1956)
He was the father of two sons and five daughters.
When he returned to California he co-starred in "The Osceola Story" about the Seminoles. He had the lead in "The Blue Angels" the Navy demonstration fliers.

 When he retired from acting, he went to work as a Vice President of the Doctors Insurance Company in Santa Monica.

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I would like to thank Rita, Dennis' wife and his son Tony for all this information. 

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