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Enid Jaynes / Enid Janes

Enid Jaynes - The Rifleman

Enid Jaynes appeared in six episodes of The Rifleman'Panic' as Amy Barker, she was the lady who had the fever ― 'The Wyoming Story' - part 1 & 2 as Aggie, the woman who wanted Lucas to take her with him when he returned to North Fork.  She and Dabbs Greer played in two of The Rifleman episodes together ― 'Panic' and 'The Wyoming Story'.
 'Quiet Fear' as Abbey Striker, the woman who was deaf  'Waste' - part 1 & 2, she was the pregnant woman, the one who slapped Lucas's face at the end of the episode. 
She did not have one speaking line in 'Waste' or in 'Quiet Fear'.

She also appeared with Chuck in Geronimo (1962) as Huera.

She has appeared in quite a few TV Series ― Cannon ―  The Big Valley ― The Donna Reed Show ― The Farmer's Daughter ― Burke's Law ― Have Gun - Will Travel ― The Detectives ― Perry Mason ―  The Americans ― Wanted: Dead or Alive ― The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp― Johnny Ringo ― Law of the Plainsman ― Wichita Town ― Johnny Rocco

 She was married to Jules V. Levy, he was one of the producers for The Rifleman.
  He also produced Geronimo.
Perils of a Producer's wife.....

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