Tom Kennedy

Who guest starred in the most episodes of "The Rifleman?"
Who is your favorite character actor?



'Death Never Rides Alone'
as one of the townsmen at the saloon (left)

'The Assailants' as one of the townsmen


'Gun Shy'
as a the townsman/man getting off of the stage

'The Decision' as one of the townsmen (front)


'The Executioner' as the man reading the newspaper

'Day of Reckoning' as a churchgoer (far left)



'Guilty Conscience' as one of the townsmen (far right)

'Which Way Did They Go?' as a barfly
He is the man in the background (middle)

'Outlaw's Shoes' as one of the townsmen
'The Challenge' as one of the townsmen
'None So Blind' as one of the townsmen

'A Young Man's Fancy' as one of the townsmen
'End of the Hunt' as one of the townsmen
'None So Blind' as one of the townsmen

Tom Kennedy was born July 15, 1885, New York City, New York
He died October 6, 1965, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California of bone cancer

Tom is the father of Don Kennedy

Tom Kennedy as one of the townsmen.  You will see Tom in "The Rifleman" many times, probably more times then listed.  He always went unaccredited, but not here at the ranch.
Once a boxer, this brawny character actor began his film career early in the silent movie era. Although Tom never became a star, Tom's face is almost as familiar to movie goers as their own.  He frequently played big, dumb, likable, working-class types as in "The Case of the Stuttering Bishop" (1937). He almost became a policeman, but turned to professional boxing.  He came to Hollywood in 1915 from his native New York after a career as a heavyweight boxer.  He made his film debut in 1915 in "One Round Hogan."  Tom was a one time Keystone Kop who career as a movie actor spanned nearly fifty years.  He also worked with W.C. Fields, The Marx Brothers, and Laurel and Hardy in a career that lasted until his death at the age of 80. 

Tom Kennedy in.....

"The Mysterious Rider"

"It Happened in Hollywood" 

*Thanks to Phillip Arnold for giving this character his credit due!

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