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This is a list of character actors whose last name ending in the letter A has appeared on The Rifleman One Time Only. Whether they have appeared one time only or 168 times, they are just as important as the main characters and/or anyone else involved in The Rifleman. This is just a small tribute to those great many characters actors.
This section of character actors is dedicated to each & everyone one of the character actors that appeared on The Rifleman.
 They're among the most popular and recognizable actors. They may not be A-list stars, but they do something many actors don't. They worked all the time.

John Abbott Virginia Aldridge
Melvin F. Allen ― Henry Amargo
Ed Ames James Anderson
Herb Armstrong ― Phyllis Avery

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John Abbott as Dr. Hennekin in The Vision.

Actor | Soundtrack

John Abbott worked for the British Embassy in Moscow during World War II. After leaving his position and returning home to England, he made a stop in the United States and was offered a Hollywood film role in 1941. Wound up staying and settling there for the rest of his life.

In his later years, he taught acting and inspired some of Hollywood's most famous young actors of that time.

 With well over 160 credits to his name, he also appeared in Gigi (1958) as Manuel ― Aben in The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) and he was the voice of Akela the Wolf in Disney's The Jungle Book (1967). He has appeared in everything imaginable, from Westerns to Mysteries, Comedies, Sci-Fi and he has done many things in the theater.

Abbott had only one singing role, playing Manuel in the 1958 film Gigi (1958), It's a Bore (contains solo lines) with Maurice Chevalier.

On American television between the 1950s and 1970s, Abbott had roles on a wide variety of series such as Kraft Television Theatre (1958) ― Studio 57 (1956) ― Gunsmoke (1956-1960) ― Matinee Theatre (1955-1958) ― Bonanza (1961) ― Thriller (1961) ―Star Trek (1967) ― Mannix (1967) ― Iron Horse (1967) and Bewitched (1967). Although he was blacklisted during the Red Scare of the 1950s, a producer who wanted to hire him eventually succeeded in getting the actor removed from the list.[6] In his final years, Abbott taught acting to students free of charge.

He frequently played leaders or authority figures, sinister and ruthless villains.

Tennessee Williams wrote the one-act play Auto-da-Fe (his only verse play) specifically for Abbott.

Birth Name: John Albert Chamberlain Kefford
Born: June 5, 1905, London, United Kingdom
Died: May 24, 1996, Los Angeles, California
John Abbott Find A Grave

Stanley Adams as Dr. Jay Carter in Outlaw's Shoes.

 Actor | Writer | Soundtrack

His first acting appearance was in Mayor of the Town (1954). His career spanned over twenty years with over two hundred credits to his name.

He played numerous villains, bartenders and fast-talking characters. On television, he proved himself quite a scene-stealer, particularly in the 1960's and early 70's, when his face appeared on just about every major show. He appeared as baby-faced millionaire Rusty Trawler in Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961). He was at his best as pool hustler Sure-shot Wilson in an episode of The Odd Couple (1970), Rollo, a quirky time-traveling scientist on The Twilight Zone (1959), a 'asteroid detecting', tribble dealing galactic entrepreneur Cyrano Jones on Star Trek (1966). He was also a space carrot named Tybo on Lost in Space (1965). He appeared as Captain Courageous in Batman (TV Series / 1967).

He co-starred in a unsold comedy pilot based on an Elvis Presley film called Kissin' Cousins (1964). The pilot starred Edd Byrnes.

Besides a list of credits that is unbelievable, he also was a writer for shows like Homegrown (1974) ― The Name of the Game (1971) ― The Flying Nun (1969 - 1970) ― Mannix (1968) ― Daniel Boone (1969)― Love American Style (1969) ― Star Trek (1969) ― The Rounders (1966) ― Mister Ed (1961 - 1964) ― Hondo (1967) ― Iron Horse (1967) ― Bonanza (1966) ― T.H.E. Cat (1966) ― Pistols n' Petticoats (1966) ― It's Always Jan (1956) ― The Ford Television Theatre (1955).

Stanley was born April 7, 1915 in New York City, New York
He died as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on April 27, 1977 in Santa Monica, California.

How sad, his suicide has been attributed to severe depression as a result of a back injury, sustained earlier in the decade. Apart from the obvious pain, it would almost certainly have limited his employment opportunities.
Following his death, his body was cremated and his ashes scattered at sea.

  Stanley Adams Find A Grave

Norman Alden as Duff in The Anvil Chorus.
He was one of Platt's gang.

Actor | Miscellaneous Crew

Norman Alden served in the Army during World War II. At the end of the conflict he had the opportunity to benefit from the GI Bill program meant to help returning soldiers to start or resume studying. That is how, while attending Texas Christian University, he discovered on the boards of on-campus theater that he had a talent for acting.

Alden was frequently cast in tough guy roles throughout his 50 year career and appeared or did voice work in about 2,500 movies, TV series and commercials.

He was a regular on Hennessey (1959-1962). Remember this show? He played Johnny Ringo in the TV series, The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (1961). His list of credits is, well.....I can't even begin to tell you, I thought it was never gonna end. He also appeared on Hardcastle and McCormick (1984).

It was when Peter Criss failed to show for looping that Alden's voice was overdubbed (uncredited) for the KISS drummer in the TV movie, "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park," which was produced by Hanna-Barbera, the same folks that employed Alden to voice Aquaman in the "Super Friends" cartoon series. He voiced Sir Kay in Disney's The Sword in the Stone (1963) and featured in films such as Back to the Future (1985).

He played Lou the mechanic in a series of AC Delco commercials. He was so convincing that people would actually come up to him and tell him their car problems.

Born: September 13, 1924, Fort Worth, Texas
Died: July 27, 2012, Los Angeles, California
Norman died of natural causes
Norman Alden Find A Grave

Virginia Aldridge as the waitress in the restaurant of the hotel in The Sharpshooter.

Actress | Writer

She has appeared several TV Westerns such shows as The Adventure of Ozzie & Harriet (1957) ― Cheyenne (1958) Zane Grey Theater (1958) Wagon Train (1958) Star Trek as Lieutenant Karen Tracy (1967) Father Knows Best (1959) The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (1962 - 1965) and movies such as High School Big Shot (1959) Riot in Juvenile Prison (1959) The Gnome-Mobile (1967). 

Virginia went on to become a writer for such popular series Beauty and the Beast (TV Series / 1988 - 1989) The Twilight Zone (1987) Knight Rider (1984) Fame (1983) Nurse (1981) Dallas (1978) McMillan & Wife (1986).

Born: September 1, 1938, United States of America.

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