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This is a list of character actors whose last name ending in the letter H has appeared on The Rifleman One Time Only. Whether they have appeared one time only or 168 times, they are just as important as the main characters and/or anyone else involved in The Rifleman. This is just a small tribute to those great many characters actors.
This section of character actors is dedicated to each & everyone one of the character actors that appeared on The Rifleman.
 They're among the most popular and recognizable actors. They may not be A-list stars, but they do something many actors don't. They worked all the time.

Ron Hagerthy ― Bob Hall aka Bob Hull
Claude Hall ― Charles Harrison
Harry Harvey Sr. ―
Jim Hayward
Pat Henry
― Michael Hinn
Earle Hodgins ― Skip Homeier
Dick Kay Hong ― Arthur Hunnicut
Jim Hurst ― Josephine Hutchinson
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Ron Hagerthy as Ben Haskell in The Deserter, he was The Deserter.

Actor and a Newport Beach real estate investor.

 Ron's acting career spans over fifteen years with seventy-seven credits to his name.

Hagerthy was 18 and playing the gentleman caller in a Glendale College production of The Glass Menagerie in 1950 when he was invited to Warner Bros. for an interview.

Hagerthy's first screen role was as 19-year-old Dick Cvetic in the 1951 Warner Brothers film, I Was a Communist for the FBI.
He was the bugler in The Horse Soldiers and was a regular on Sky King as Clipper King, Sky's nephew.
He also appeared in Gunsmoke Adventures of Rin Tin Tin The Lone Ranger Annie Oakley and Rawhide to name a few.
He appeared in Cavalcade of America as Billy Brandon, the man in episode: The Boy Nobody Wanted Johnny Crawford played Billy Brandon the child.
Have you ever seen this? I have it! It's great!

Born: March 9, 1932 in Andover, South Dakota

Frank Hagney as Nils/Nels in The Money Gun.

Frank Hagney played Nels/Nils in this episode. How many actors played Nels, Nils or was it Neils? Was it Swenson or was it Svenson? For the answer in detail and pictures.....go to my trivia answer page.....
 North Fork's Blacksmith

Tony Haig as Percy Bullock Jr. in Hostages to Fortune.
He was the boy who called Mark a game chicken.

Tony first appeared as a Shepherd Boy in the TV Series Folio.

He has appeared in The Clonus Horror Eight Is Enough Quincy The Streets of San Francisco Police Story Emergency! Gunsmoke Rawhide Bachelor Father The Donna Reed Show   Shirley Temple's Storybook Adventures in Paradise Have Gun - Will Travel Route 66 The Rebel Zane Grey Theater Fury Playhouse 90.

Tony is currently in a movie Six Gun Savior as Doc to be release in July 5, 2016.

June 10, 1948 in Los Angeles, California

I got to meet Tony Haig in March 2004.
"Never make decisions when your tired, hungry, sick, angry or lonely" ~ Tony Haig

Bob Hall aka Bob Hull in Gun Shy as the Minister.

He appeared with Chuck in Branded - The Golden Fleece.
He has appeared in two movies.....The Cool and the Crazy ― Shalako.

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This is a list of character actors who have appeared on The Rifleman one time only 

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