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This is a list of character actors whose last name ending in the letter L has appeared on The Rifleman — One Time Only. Whether they have appeared one time only or 168 times, they are just as important as the main characters and/or anyone else involved in The Rifleman. This is just a small tribute to those great many characters actors.
This section of character actors is dedicated to each & everyone one of the character actors that appeared on The Rifleman.
 They're among the most popular and recognizable actors. They may not be A-list stars, but they do something many actors don't. They worked all the time.

Jack Lambert ― Harry Lauter
Linda Lawson ― Carol Leigh
David Leland ― George Lindsey
Morris Lippert ― James Luisi
Karl Lukas ― Ken Lynch
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Jack Lambert as John Lance, one of the gang in The Spiked Rifle.

He also appeared with Chuck in Branded as Marty Slater - The Richest Man in Boot Hill.

Jack started acting in 1942 in About Face, spanning a career of twenty-eight years and one hundred and fifteen credits to his name.
Jack Lambert specialized in playing movie tough guys and heavies. He is best known for playing the psychotic cat-loving, iron-hooked Steve The Claw Michael in Dick Tracy's Dilemma.
A familiar figure in Westerns and Crime Dramas. He appeared in Winchester '73 ― Bend of the River ― When the West was Won  ― The Great Gatsby  ― Machine-Gun Kelly  ― The George Raft Story, just to name a few.
From 1959 to 1960, he was a regular cast member (as first mate Joshua MacGregor, having played the character Tony Walchek earlier in the series), in 23 of the 42 of the NBC Western series, Riverboat.

Born: April 13, 1920, Yonkers, New York
Died: February 18, 2002, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

Jack donated his body to UCLA Medical School

Martin Landau as Miguel, the patrõn in Vaqueros.
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He also starred with Chuck in Branded in This Stage of Fools.

At age 17, he joined the New York Daily News as a cartoonist and worked there for five years. From 1948-1953, he made a living as a newspaper artist and staff cartoonist, for the New York's Daily News, as an illustrator for Billy Rose's Pitching Horseshoes newspaper column, and as an assistant cartoonist to Gus Edson for The Gumps comic strip.
Has turned down the role of Carl Grissom in Batman (1989). The role eventually went to Jack Palance.

Landau started acting in 1953, his career spans over sixty years with one-hundred and seventy-seven credits.
 He played regular roles in the television series Mission: Impossible (for which he received several Emmy Award nominations and a Golden Globe Award) and Space: 1999.
Landau received the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture, as well as his first nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, for his role in Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988); he received his second Oscar nomination for his appearance in Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989). His performance in the supporting role of Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood (1994) earned him an Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe Award. He continues to perform in film and TV and heads the Hollywood branch of the Actors Studio.

He was the voice for Scorpion / MacGargan, Spider-Man (TV Series 1995-1996).

He was Gene Roddenberry's first choice to play Mr. Spock on the TV series Star Trek. When Landau later left Mission: Impossible, his replacement was Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock).

Born: June 20, 1928 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York
Died: July 15, 2017 (age 89) in Los Angeles, California
In 2016 Martin Landau was killed by internet death hoax.

John Larch as Jack Cooke aka Doc Cooke in Six Years and a Day.

Before he became an actor he had been a professional baseball player.
He first came to fame on the radio as (Captain) Starr of Space (1953). Beginning in 1953, Larch accumulated an impressive resume of TV series credits, spanning almost the entire spectrum of the best western, crime and science-fiction shows the 1950's and 60's had to offer. His authoritarian personality and demeanor generally typecast him as police officers, military men, attorneys and politicians.

His acting career spans over thirty-seven year with one hundred and seventy credits to his name.

Beside The Rifleman I remembered him as Harry Callahan's Chief of Police in the original Dirty Harry (1971).
He also appeared with Chuck Connors in Arrest and Trial as Deputy District Attorney Jerry Miller (TV Series / 1963 ― 1964) ― Airplane II: The Sequel as Prosecuting Attorney (1982).

He had a recurring role in Dallas (TV Series) as Arlen Ward / Atticus Ward / Wally Windham - Dynasty (TV Series) as Gerald Wilson ― The Walter Winchell File (TV Series 1958) as Lt. Michaels ― Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color / Texas John Slaughter as Frank Boyd (TV Series 1959).

Born: October 4, 1914, Salem, Massachusetts
Died: October 16, 2005, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California

 Harry Lauter as the hired gun in The Bullet.

Besides The Rifleman he appeared with Chuck Connors in Arrest and Trial (TV Series) 1964 ― Branded (TV Series) in Fill No Glass for Me.

He stared his acting career in 1938 in The Big Broadcast as a sailor. His career spanned over forty years with three hundred and twenty-six credits to his name.

I remember seeing this Cowboy in The Lone Ranger (TV Series 1949 - 1956) ― The Gene Autry Show (TV Series 1950-1955) ― Annie Oakley (TV Series 1954 - 1957).
He only once came close to stardom, as one of the leads in the television series Tales of the Texas Rangers (1955) as Ranger Clay Morgan. I remember watching this show every week and especially enjoying the opening scene of this TV Show.
He had recurring roles in Rocky Jones, Space Ranger (TV Series 1954) as Atlasande ― Waterfront (TV Series 1954) as Lt. Jim Herrick ― The Range Rider (TV Series 1951 - 1953).

The son of an artist, he devoted much of his energy late in his life to his own painting and the operation of an art gallery.

Birth: June 19, 1914, White Plains, New York
Death: October 30, 1990, Ojai, California
His ashes were scattered in the Pacific Ocean.

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