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This is a list of character actors whose last name ending in the letter S has appeared on The Rifleman One Time Only. Whether they have appeared one time only or 168 times, they are just as important as the main characters and/or anyone else involved in The Rifleman. This is just a small tribute to those great many characters actors.
This section of character actors is dedicated to each & everyone one of the character actors that appeared on The Rifleman.
 They're among the most popular and recognizable actors. They may not be A-list stars, but they do something many actors don't. They worked all the time.

Fred Sherman ― Pam Smith
Tom Snyder ― Olan Soule
Arthur Space ― Harry Dean Stanton
Michael Stefani ― Brick Sullivan
Frank Sully
Walter Sande ― Stefan Schnabel
Sydna Scott ― Sarah Selby
Marian Seldes ― Dan Sheridan
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 Fred Sherman as Tom the Telegraph Operator in The Man from Salinas.

Fred Sherman began his career in tent shows and vaudeville eventually working in films and television.

Fred Sherman also appeared with Robert Culp in an episode of Trackdown.
He was a regular on Cimarron City as Burt Purdy.

He appeared with Chuck Connors in Death in Small Doses (1957).

He appeared with Joan Taylor in War Drums (1957).

Some of his movies are The Tall T (1957) ― Seven Men from Now (1956) ― Chain Lightning (1950) ― Too Many Women (1942) and Hi, Neighbor (1942).

Some of his TV Appearances: Perry Mason ― The Andy Griffith Show and I Love Lucy.
After completing an episode of the Andy Griffith Show in 1962 he suffered a stroke which confined him to hospitals and the Motion Picture Country Home where he died in 1969.

Born: May 14, 1905 in South Dakota, USA
Died: May 20, 1969 (age 64) in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

Eddie Little Sky as the Apache in The Indian.

Eddie Little Sky also appeared with Chuck in Branded as Blue Hawk in One Way Out and A Taste of Poison. Before The Rifleman and Branded he appeared with Chuck in Tomahawk Trail and Big-Foot Wallace.

A veteran of World War II, he served in the United States Navy. Eddie was an oil field wildcat and he began working the rodeo circuit as a bull rider and bareback rider.

In 1955 he got his start in acting when he was hired to ride a horse at Disneyland for the Painted Desert attraction. He later worked for Disney but as an actor in Texas John Slaughter: End of the Trail and Daniel Boone: The Warrior's Path.
He has appeared on numerous movies and TV series in the 1950s through the 1970s.

Eddie Little Sky had a recurring role on How the West Was Won (TV Mini-Series) (1976 - 1978) as Drives-His-Horses.

Eddie was a was a Native American actor of the Oglala Lakota tribe.

He has appeared in 36 feature films and over 60 television shows, mainly westerns in the role of a Native American. He was one of the first Native American actors to play Native American roles and is best remembered for his performance as Black Eagle in the 1970 film A Man Called Horse.

Upon his retirement from the film industry in the late 1970s, he worked as director of the Oglala Lakota Tribal Parks and Recreation Authority.

Edsel Wallace Little Sky
Born: August 15, 1926 in Pine Ridge, South Dakota
Died: September 5, 1997 (age 71) in Pennington, South Dakota


Martha Smith as one of the ladies at the picnic in Three-legged Terror.

Pam Smith as Susan in Honest Abe.
Pam was the girl jumping rope.

Besides The Rifleman Pam appeared in Leaver It to Beaver as Beaver's first date and Bonanza.

She appeared in two Movies: Which Way to the Front? (1970) and Misty (1962).

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