I Killed Jason McCord episode #20

Jas was on his way to Saddle River when he came across a river bed. He had quite a ways to go, so he stopped to fill his canteen. The last thing he remembered was looking up and seeing a man with a big rock coming at him.

When Jas regained consciousness, his horse, gun, hat & coat and a letter addressed to Jas was gone. He was left with just his canteen and the man's hat. There was nothing left for him to do but to start walking.

When he got into town he saw his horse tied up outside of the saloon. He checked through his saddlebags and his other belongings to see if anything was missing. It sounded like they were celebrating in the saloon. He grabbed his rifle and walked into the saloon. He wanted the man who did this to him. "Who's riding that paint that's hitched up outside?" Asked Jas. No one paid any attention to him so he asked louder.....
"Who's riding that paint outside?" That got their attention. Everyone stopped talking and all eyes were on Jas. "What do you want him for?" Asked Tuck. "That's my business!" Stated Jas. "Whatever your business is mister, it's over," said Tuck. Tuck then told Jas that the cowboy was dead. Jas was puzzled. "Dead!" Said Jas surprised. "Yeah.....shot by Tuck here," said Matt Hawley. "He did the whole country a favor.....he was Jason McCord," said Carter. He then asked Jas if he ever heard of him.

Jas told them that he had heard of him and asked where the man's personal things were. Tuck told him the sheriff took everything except the broken saber. He said he was keeping it as a  souvenir. Jas told him he'd take the saber. "I'll take that!" "It belongs to me.....I'm Jason McCord!" Everyone was shocked as they stood and looked at each other. Tucked asked Jas how could that be when he just killed Jason McCord. Carter told Jas that the man Tuck killed had bushwhacked him outside of town and he followed him there. Tuck called Jas a liar. Jas looked at Tuck and said....."I'm not asking you.....I'm telling you!" "Give me that saber!" Jas held out his hand. "Why don't you try and take it!" Said Tuck. Jas took his rifle and flipped it Rifleman style. The sheriff had slowly eased his way into the saloon. He went up to Tuck and told him to give him the saber. He told Tuck if Jas was lying he would give it back to him. Tuck handed the saber over to the sheriff. The Sheriff then walked over to Jas and told him to go along with him; he had some explaining to do.

The sheriff gave Jas his things back. He told Jas he believed him all along, no other man would claim to be a coward, except Jas himself. The sheriff asked Jas if he has any idea who the bushwhacker was, but Jas had no idea. As Jas started to put on his gun, the sheriff asked Jas to let him keep his gun for him until he was ready to leave town, maybe that way there would be no trouble. Jas agreed.
Just then Bert the undertaker stopped by. He said he heard that the man he had in his parlor was not Jason McCord.

 Bert told the sheriff that he had something interesting to show him, it had to do with the stiff that was thought to be Jas. The marshal picked up his hat and started for the door. Jas asked if he could go along. The marshal thought it was a good idea, maybe if Jas got a good look at the man it might jar his memory.

Bert lifted up the sheet and asked the marshal what he thought. The man's legs were raw as if he could have had leg irons on recently. He could have escaped from the Yuma Territory Prison. The prison was only a two day ride from where Jas was bushed whacked. Apparently he had been in jail for a long time and hadn't heard of Jas before. Anyone else would have thrown the letter away. There wasn't anyone that would want to be taken for Jason McCord.
Archie Fletcher, one of the biggest ranchers in Saddle River, had a son killed at the battle of Bitter Creek, he was only 18 years old. He even was excited when he heard that Tuck had killed Jas that he came into the saloon and shook Tucks hand and gave him his own personal reward of two hundred dollars for killing Jason McCord. He had wanted to see Jas dead for a long time. Fletcher also offered Tuck a job at his ranch as his foreman. Now Tuck had to go and give Fletcher the bad news.
Fletcher was upset. He told Tuck the only reason he gave him that money and the job was because he killed Jason McCord. Fletcher told Tuck if he wanted to keep the money and the job, he would have to kill him.
Tuck went into town and headed straight for the saloon. He had some thinking to do. The men in the saloon were making fun of Tuck. They told him they hadn't bought him drinks for killing a cheap old bushwhacker. "Too bad Tuck (the cowboy's laughed) almost became famous for killing Jason McCord!" "He's as good as dead right now!" Said Tuck. They just kept laughing. Lorrie, Tuck's girlfriend who worked there in the saloon overheard what was going on. She walked up to Tuck and asked him what that was supposed to mean. "Just what I said.....Mr. Fletcher wants him killed!" "Do you have to do Mr. Fletcher's dirty work for him?" Asked Lorrie. Tuck asked Lorrie is she knew what this meant to him and to them. Lorrie didn't want any part of this, not that way, not if he had to kill a man for it. He asked what the problem was. She didn't seem to care when he killed the bushwhacker. She felt he had cause, it was kill or be killed. Jas had done nothing to him. Tuck told Lorrie, she knew him better then that, and that he would give Jas a chance to go for his gun. She couldn't understand, Jas meant nothing to him. Tuck wanted the admiration and respect of the town and it's people. But with the respect Fletcher would give him they could finally afford to get married. This would be Lorrie's passport out of the saloon. "I'll be known as the man who killed Jason McCord. the coward of Bitter Creek!" Said Tuck.

Lorrie didn't know what to do, she didn't want to see the man she loved killed. Since she couldn't talk any sense into Tuck she decided to talk to Jas. She told Jas about Fletcher wanting him dead and about Tuck, the man she loved. She told Jas about the foreman job Fletcher offered him if he would kill Jas. "Oh I see, sort of a wedding present, huh?" Said Jas. Lorrie told him that she didn't want that kind of wedding present and that she wouldn't be there talking to him if she did. Jas asked what Fetcher had to do with all of this. She walked over to Jas and as she looked at him she said....."His son was at Bitter Creek!" "There's no place I ever go without somebody's father or uncle or brother or son being at Bitter Creek, or some young punk wants to make the world cleaner by killing me, or making me run." said Jas. She asked Jas if he knew Bobby Fletcher. "I knew him.....he was the youngest man in my command." "And maybe you know how his father feels about you.....because his son was killed while you....." Jas interrupted Lorrie....."While I'm still alive!" They stood there for a moment looking at each other. "Maybe I'd feel the same way if I were the boy's father," said Jas. She then asked Jas to leave town. "You mean will I run?" Asked Jas. She didn't answer; she just stood there waiting for his answer. "No!" Said Jas. He then walked over to the door and opened it for Lorrie. "Thanks anyway," said Jas. As she stood in the doorway she said....."Don't be a fool Mr. McCord," she then turned and walked away.

Jas knew he could run, so he thought the best thing was to go and talk to Fletcher and tell him how his son died. Jas went unarmed. Fletcher held a gun on Jas and shot at him. But as much as he wanted to he could not kill an unarmed man. He asked Fletcher to put the gun away. He wanted to talk to him without the barrel of a gun aimed at him. Fletcher did put the gun away and then dismounted. He walked over to Fletcher. "When the Apache attack came.....your son Bobby was right behind me." "He was a good solider Mr. Fletcher, a brave one.....I looked on him as a younger brother." "I was hit and went down. The wind was knocked out of me and I couldn't move." "I saw the ammunition wagon running was coming straight at me.....the driver was dead and the horses were half crazy with all the shooting." "Your son Bobby leaped in front of the wagon.....grabbed the reins and turned the wagon aside.....the wagon buckled, rolled over and blew up." "He might have been killed in that battle anyway.....nobody will ever know that.....but Mr. Fletcher.....I know that your son saved my life!" Fletcher thought for a moment. "Even if I believed your I suppose to be consoled because he scarified himself for you?" Jas told him there was no way that any father could be consoled for the sacrifice of his son. "I can't help but wonder what Bobby would think if he knew that his father wanted to kill the same man that he sacrificed his life kinda makes everything pointless, don't it?" Said Jas. Jas then rode off and went into town.

He got his things together and as he was leaving the hotel Tuck called to him. Jas told him he didn't have a gun, that the sheriff had it. Tuck told someone to throw him a gun. Tuck told Jas to pick up the gun. When he didn't another gun was thrown at Jas' feet. "Pick one of them up," said Tuck. They just stood and looked at each other. "Pick one of 'em up or I'm gonna kill ya' anyway!" Demanded Tuck. "I don't think you will," said Jas. "So now you're gonna beg," said Tuck. "Tuck that bushwhacker you shot was an escaped prisoner from the Yuma Territorial Prison. Jas got a telegram out of his pocket to confirm what he just said was true. "$500 on his head.....that's more then Fletcher put on mine," said Jas. Tuck said now he could collect both ways. "It will cost shot that bushwhacker in a fair fight.....gun down an unarmed man and you'll have a reputation just like mine," said Jas. Tuck though Jas was beggin' off. Tuck then took off his gun and told Jas he was going to kill him with his bare hands. They started hitting each other, with Jas getting the best of Tuck when a shot rang out. It was Fletcher. Fletch walked up to Jas....."Maybe what you told me about my son is true and maybe it isn't.....I'll never know! But in case it is true.....I don't want your blood on my hands." He didn't do this for Jas, he did it for Bobby. Fetcher told Tuck that what he had told him before still goes.....he can keep the money and the job was still his. Lorrie looked at Fletcher and said as she nodded her head....."He wants it!" Fletcher then looked at Jas and started to say....."McCord....." Jas interrupted....."Mr. Fletcher.....everything I told you about Bobby is true!" "Thank you," said Fletcher. "Thank you Mr. McCord, thank you for the wedding present," said Lorrie. Tuck tried to apologize, but Jas told him that it was okay; it wasn't anything new to him.
Jas then asked the sheriff for his gun and left town walking with his horse.

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