Episode Cast
The Bar Sinister
— episode #21

Marian Seldes
as Neela

Michel Petit as Jimmy Whitlaw

Stephen McNally as Caleb Reymer

Howard Curtis as Huber Mills

Paulle Clark as Hannah Reymer

William Gwinn as Kern

Deidre Cole as Becky
Deidre is Chuck's neice
The Rifleman The Schoolmaster

Walter F. O'Malley as the doctor
Walter F. O'Malley

Rick Johnson - Peter Foley
Ron Johnson - Paul Foley
Chuck Hamilton - Townsman
Bill Hart - Gunman
Richard LaMarr - Townsman
Cap Somers - Townsman
Sid Troy - Townsman
Sailor Vincent - Townsman

Walter O'Malley appeared as Dr. Woods in
Branded in the Bar Sinister episode taped at Paramount Studios on August 18, 1965. He appeared as a favor to his friend Chuck Connors, the former Dodger in 1949, who was known as Kevin Joseph Aloysius Connors before his successful acting career. Connors played in one game for the Dodgers.

The episode first aired on Oct. 10, 1965. An interesting fact, Walter played frontier doctor Doc Woods, which was the same name as the actual Dodger team doctor (Dr. Robert Woods). O’Malley received $300 for his appearance, which he then donated to the Motion Picture Relief Fund.

Walter O'Malley had invited Connors to entertain some friends by reciting Casey at the Bat and Connors agreed to do it as long as Walter would play a part in the western-themed TV series.


The Bar Sinister

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