Episode Cast
The Greatest Coward on Earth
episode #27

Pat O'Brien as Phineas Taylor Barnum

Dick Clark as James Aly Bailey

Pamela Curran as Princess Salome

James Chandler as Charlie Stark
 The announcer & barker for the circus

I. Stanford Jolley as Enos Scoggins

John Morley as Coutts
Victor Izay - Hotel Clerk
Michelle Breeze - Circus Patron
James J. Casino - Cornerman
Bill Catching - Rube
Chester Hayes - Stiltwalker
Chuck Hicks - Young Samson
Hugh Langtry - Preston
Max Lewin - Harrison
Angelo Rossitto - Shooting Gallery Man
Cap Somers - Circus Patron
Wally West - Circus Worker


The Greatest Coward on Earth

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