Episode Cast
The Mission 1 - 2 - 3
episode #8

Jon Lormer as Colonel Snow

Cesar Romero as General Arrioin

William Bryant as President Grant

John Carradine as General Josh McCord

H.M. Wynant as Brissac

Peter Breck as Crispo

Patrick Wayne as Corporal Dewey

Steven Marlo as Private Tyler

Kamala Devi as Laurette Lansing

MacDonald Carey as Senator Lansing

Wendell Corey as Major Whitcomb

Pete Kellett as a Cowboy

Montie Plyler as Angulia

Charles Horvath as the prison guard

George Bruggeman - Party Guest
Bill Hickman - Secret Service Agent
Chuck Hicks - Brawler
Kenner G. Kemp - Party Guest
Murray Pollack - Party Guest
Sydney Smith - Senator
Maja Stewart - Elena (uncredited)
Nick Borgani - Townsman
Jack Lilley - Townsman
Montie Plyler - Angulia
Maja Stewart - Elena
Bruno VeSota - Bartender
Bill Coontz - Trooper
Charles Horvath - Guard
Pete Kellett - Trooper
Sid Troy - Trooper


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