Episode Cast
The Vindicator
episode #2

June Lockhart as Sue Pritchett

Claude Akins as Ned Travis

John Litel as General James Reed

Harry Carey Jr. as Lt. John Pritchett

Johnny Jensen as Johnny Pritchett

John Pickard as Sergeant
Tragedy Among the Stars

Robert Random as a Soldier

Charles P. Thompson as Telegrapher

William Meader as one of the Witness to the letter


Chuck Connors & June Lockhart

This picture I bought at the 2006 Festival of the West from June Lockhart.
This is a promo picture for this episode, The Vindicator.

I had this article & picture of June Lockhart & Chuck Connors about Branded that was in The Detroit News.  I just had to find this picture or a picture from this episode of the two of them together. 

 I knew when I found out that June Lockhart was going to be at the Festival of the West just what picture I was going to be looking for.  When I got to June's table this picture was not there.  So I asked her about it.  She did have it there, she just didn't put it out.  She seemed pleased that I was interested in this. 

I had several things I had wanted her to sign, but before I could decide she said....."Oh I want to sign your book."  Chuck Connors..... The Man Behind the Rifle.  I hadn't even showed it to her yet.  She was really pleased.  It showed in her face.

The next day I thought how I wished I would have gotten a picture of her & Jon Provost together the day before.  Their tables were right next to each other.

So I stopped by both of their tables.   June was talking to someone, so I asked Jon first about taking a picture.  He said he would be glad to, but we would have to check with June. 

When June was free I asked her if I could please take a picture of her & Jon together. 
She politely said..... "You have to buy something to be able to do that."

Before I could get a word out she said..... "I remember you, your the one whose book that I signed yesterday."  I got my picture! 


The Vindicator

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