San Fernando Mission Cemetery
11160 Stranwood Avenue
Mission Hills, California

I had visited these grave sites in 2004
I was honored to pay my respects to Chuck, Allan & Marcella Connors, Chuck's mother & father.
 Chuck's ex-wife, Betty, mother of his children and his longtime friend, secretary and companion, Rose Marie Grumley, who Chuck was so fond of.

May you all rest in peace!

Chuck Connors

This is how far Rose Marie Grumley is from Chuck

Chuck Connors grave is located on the northwest side of the park. From the entrance, turn left at the first intersection, and drive down to the last third and last section (Section J- a particular large section, which runs almost the full length of the park.) On the lawn you will see a statue of Mary hold baby Jesus. Walk across the lawn and stand facing this statue. Turn around and walk nine rolls back (away) from the statue, and then go about five or six spaces to your left.

Chuck's son Kevin P. Connors was born June 9, 1956 and died on July 10, 2005.
He is buried at Reseda, Los Angles, California

His son Jeffrey Alan Connors was born July 30, 1952
and he passed away on February 19, 2014 Los Angles, California.

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