The Rifleman
"Welcome to the McCain Ranch"

Episode 62


Chuck Connors ... Lucas McCain
Johnny Crawford ... Mark McCain
Paul Fix ... Marshal Micah Torrance
Peter Whitney ... Andrew Bechtel
K. T. Stevens ... Muriel Chase
Hope Summers ... Hattie Denton
Don Grady ... David Chase
Gigi Perreau ... Heller Chase
Sid Gilman ... Ben Tooker

This is an article from Look Magazine June 21, 1960
The Star Stands In

On the TV stage, Connors is the embodiment of  intensity as he works out his role. 
"What I feel may be honest, but it has to look as well as be good," he says.  "A good actor gets the audience involved.  He brings the audience up to a point, then makes it feel the part from there on." 

Heller - The Rifleman - The Star Stands In

In a recent rehearsal, the actor playing the villain reported sick.  Connors read role (above) to help Gigi Perreau prepare for her close-ups.  Later, he said that, for the first time, he had felt self-conscience about acting.  He said he knew onlookers had seen the well rehearse heavy (Peter Whitney) do the scene.  In his eagerness he thought he had hammed it up.

Heller - The Rifleman - The Star Stands In

Heller - The Rifleman - The Star Stands In

Heller - The Rifleman - The Star Stands In

Chuck with his oldest son, Mike & Johnny Crawford on the set of The Rifleman Heller

This snippet is from Western Clippings/Mike Fitzgerald ― Gigi turned to television early on, but her first western wasn’t until The Rifleman in 1960. “I did two of those. It was a wonderful show, and starred Chuck Connors. Johnny Crawford was this sweet, sweet kid. I remember Peter Whitney played the bad guy on one show (Heller). I went in to read and told them, ‘I have to do this role! No one else can have it.’ And I got it! It was so good, there was talk of a spin-off—but that didn’t come together. I was abused by my father or step-father. He’s a bad man—I had slashes on my back! The girl (me) points a gun at him—he gets down on his knees and pleads for his life. It was such a meaty, wonderful role!”

Gigi Perreau on the set of The Rifleman
Was there talk of Heller being a spin-off?
Read Gigi Perreau full  interview from Western Clippings

Gigi Perreau appeared in another episode of  The Rifleman  Death Trap - She played Vicki Battle.  She was the daughter of  an ex-gunslinger turned doctor. 


Sid Gilman as Ben Tooker

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