Mr. Novak — The Tender Twigs

Mr. Novak - The Tender Twigs

Robert Crawford Jr. - Cuban Delegate — Tony Dow - U.S. Delegate — Johnny Crawford - USSR Delegate

 TV Series "Mr. Novak" was a dramatic series about the accomplishments and frustrations of a young high school English teacher who has just taken his first job. James Franciscus portrays John Novak, a teacher at Jefferson High School in Los Angeles who is a dedicated educator.

The show was produced by MGM Television, and was broadcast on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. (Eastern time) 
TV Series "Mr. Novak" — episode 'The Tender Twigs'  

This episode is a debate over Americas role in the U.N. and paranoia over One-Worldism.  A mock United Nations Assembly at Jefferson High leads to accusations that the school is promoting Communist propaganda.

In 1965, this was considered by some a controversial debate topics and was felt that it would corrupt the youth of America.  

James Franciscus guest starred in The Rifleman in the series The Rifleman along with Johnny Crawford.  He played Phillip Simmons in episode #51 'The Legacy' in 1959.  Lucas respects a dying man’s wishes and tells the son that his father is a partner in the McCain ranch in order to get him to North Fork, but Lucas finds trouble when the man dies before telling his son the truth.

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