The Rifleman
"Welcome to the McCain Ranch"

Episode 75

You know, it’s one time when a total stranger comes into town with intentions to hurt me and/or my son, but it’s an entirely different matter when someone, who you loved at one point, sneaks into you nice comfortable life,
The Rifleman - Nora - Episode 75 throws it all out of whack, then turns it upside down. You find yourself at the point of deception and despair. And that’s what happened to me one day.

The story starts out when the stage came pulling into North Fork. The driver jumps down and yells to Micah. "Hey Marshal, give me a hand, I have an ailing woman on my hands!" yelled the stagecoach driver.

Micah assured her that he’d send for the doctor right away but the woman assures him that she would be alright without a doctor. She plops down in a chair and gasps for air as she tries to calm herself down. She stands up and thanks everyone for their help. “I’ll be alright just as soon as I get to my room,” she states. But then she falls down, almost faint. Micah reaches out for her. “Lucas,” she says in just a little more then a whisper.

“What’s that ma’am?” Micah asked.

“Lucas McCain,” she says as he helps her into the hotel. Mark had been standing there watching the whole thing. You should have seen the look on his face when he discovered that this pretty lady was asking for me! He sure did take off in a hurry to find me!

There was a man on the stage named Nichols who said, “Now there’s a lady I’d like to get to know!”

But a man named Chad Morgan announced, “I don’t think you’d be the lady’s type, Nichols.”

Micah got the lady settled in her hotel room and lectured her on the dangers of going without food for two days. Mark ran and found me at once and when he told me a pretty lady was asking for me, naturally I dropped everything and went to find out who she was.

I knocked loudly on the door, then opened it and hurried over to the bed. A huge smile spread over my face when I saw who it was. “Nora,” I greeted her warmly. I grabbed her hand and sat down in a chair beside her bed. Mark stood right beside me.

"All this young lady needs is a good rest and three square meals for a couple of days," said Micah. Then he left.

It had been a long time. “Almost fourteen years,” I stated as I stared into her eyes. She said it seemed like an eternity since Colorado. I suddenly realized I hadn’t introduced her and Mark. As I introduced them, Mark even remembered to take off his hat and shake her hand politely!

“Your son, Lucas,” Nora said in a voice that sounded as if she couldn’t believe it.

I wanted to talk to her alone. “Son, you meet me over at Hattie’s a little later, huh?” I gave him that look that told him to leave on the double. Mark smiled at me, knowing I wanted to talk to her alone. He quickly left.

I leaned into her and looked sternly into her eyes. “Now, what’s this Micah said about you not eating?” I scolded her. She tried to avoid the subject. “Answer me, Nora,” I demanded softly.

“Well, you…you need money to buy food.” That announcement threw me off. I stared puzzledly at her. “Well, it took all my money to buy the ticket for the stage to get here. A lady can’t go around asking for arms like a beggar.” I couldn’t believe things got that bad for her! “It’s ironic, isn’t it? Well, you wouldn’t marry me because folks were saying you were marrying my father’s silver mine, and here I am without a penny.”

This whole thing was hard for me to believe. I had heard she got married and settled down in Denver. “John Sanford wasn’t as finicky as you. He thought nothing of marrying a silver mine. Then after my father died, he went hog wild – went through all the money we had. Then he did the only decent thing he ever did in his whole life.”

“What do you mean?” I suddenly asked.

“He got killed over a woman in a barroom brawl,” she answered. I knew then that things had been rough for her. She suddenly felt like she should have come here. She felt she was embarrassing me, but I assured her that we were old friends and I wanted to help her anyway I could.

She told me how she had met an old friend of mine who told her Margaret had died and I was living on a ranch here. I stared at her as she spoke “Coming here was a wild impulse. It was a silly thing to do but it would mean so much to me just to be near somebody who might care what happens to me.” She suddenly started talking about getting a job.

I stopped her. “Don’t get ahead of yourself. There’s plenty of time to talk about what you’re going to do next.”

She suddenly grabbed my hand in both of hers and squeezed it. “Oh, thank you, Lucas!” she smiled at me.

After I left, Nora had another visitor. Except this male visitor didn’t knock. He walked right in. She turned around, shocked that he was there. “You were perfect, Nora. There for a minute I could have sworn you were at death’s door!” He applauded her.

She was upset that he was there,
The Rifleman - Nora - Episode 75but Chad Morgan assured her that no one saw him come in. “You know better then to underestimate Jud Nichols by this time!” she stated. “If he even suspects we know each other, everything I have planned will go down the drain!” she stated.

Chad was laying on her bed now. “Well, I’m not so sure it was a good idea coming out here! Even with the best of luck and with the shipping season going full blast, what kind of chance do I have of winning anything close to $5,000.00 in a small, off-trail town like this?”

“Practically none at al,” Nora answered calmly.

Chad suddenly sat up. “Well don’t be so calm about it. Jud means to kill me if I don’t pay him back that money, and he isn’t bluffing!” She knew that. He suddenly wished they were someplace like Dodge.

“Only North Fork has Lucas McCain,” Nora announced.

“What’s that small town rancher got to do with us anyway?” Chad asked.

“That small town rancher is gonna save your skin, Chad!” But she wouldn’t tell him how. She was afraid he would mess up her plans.

She suddenly sat down on the bed beside him and ran her hand through his hair. "Oh, Chad, why do I stay with you ? You’re such a boy. You’re vain and faithless and weak, everything a woman should despise. And here I am twisting Lucas McCain's life all out of shape for you." She kissed him..

"I promise I'll never give you any reason to regret it," said Chad.

She made him promise he wouldn't go traipsing off with another women like he did in San Francisco. "I did come back," said Chad.

"Oh Chad Honey. Don't ever hurt me again like that. Don't ever leave me alone, promise me that!” She threw her arms around him and pleaded with him.

"Sure Nora, sure,” Chad answered.

The next morning, Mark and I rode into town together before school. I stopped by the bank to get some money. Mark wanted to know if he should meet me here after school. “No son, I won’t be here too long. I’ll meet you at the ranch later,” I answered him.

Mark was disappointed. He was hoping we’d have supper at the hotel. “It’s only Tuesday, Mark.” I stuffed the money in my pocket as I lightly scolded him. “If we eat there tonight, what do we do Saturday Night?”

I wasn’t asking for a sarcastic answer, but I got one anyhow. “Eat there again,” he tired.

I laughed and patted him on the back. He’d do anything to get out of doing dishes! He started to leave, but I stopped him and asked him to pick up the baking power after school. He asked me if I was going over to see Nora. When I told him I was, he asked me to tell her he hoped she was feeling better. I smiled at my good boy!

Mark did as told and got the baking powder. When he came out of the hotel he saw Nora and greeted her politely. She hurried toward him with a big smile. “Uh…Mark, isn’t it?” He asked her if she was feeling better today. “Oh yes, I’m almost back to my old self. Thank you, Mark. Seeing your daddy yesterday did more for me than anything in the world. She suddenly looked around for Lucas. Mark told her I was at home wounding up some stray steers.

Mark then announced that we were baking a cake. She wanted to know which of us did the baking. “Well, Pa bakes the cake, I make the frosting.” Suddenly, Mark got an idea. "Say you oughta come out for supper, Mrs. Sanford. Pa and me, we're good cooks." He was suddenly excited about the idea.

"I'd love to! What kind of a cake ya' baking?"


"You know, I have a special recipe for chocolate cake."

Mark laughed. That made him really happy. "Gee, how about coming out for supper tomorrow?"
The Rifleman - Nora - Episode 75Mark invited her.

. "Tomorrow, I'd love to." Nora agreed.

"Thanks Mrs. Sanford, I'll tell Pa. He'll pick you up. I'll see you tomorrow night," said Mark. Then he ran off. He was excited to get home and give me the news! Little did we know that Mark was playing right into her hand!

I was working on the books when this whirlwind named Mark McCain came bursting through my front door. He sure was excited! “Pa, I invited Mrs. Sanford to supper tomorrow night. I said that you’d pick her up!”

I stared at my over-zealous child. “You did what?” I exclaimed suddenly.

He repeated it for me just in case I didn’t hear it the first time. “I invited her over for supper. She’s gonna come over and taste our cooking and baking!”

The second time he said it wasn’t quite as shocking. I even went back to my books as I said, “Well that’s find son, but don’t you think you should’ve talked to me about it first?”

Mark didn’t’ understand why. She was an old friend of mine. He thought I should have invited her right off – made her feel right at home! “She’s sure pretty,” Mark said. “She likes chocolate cake too! Says she’s got her own special recipe!”

Gosh, but this boy was excited! I laughed at him. “Alright Mark, I probably should’ve thought of it myself. Didn’t think you’d jump the gun on me like this though.”

Suddenly, Mark slapped his stuff down on the table. He took his hat off, plopped it on the table and sat down. He was ready for a serious conversation. “Pa,” he said. He got really serious all of a sudden. "Pa, I like her.” I turned my head to stare at him. “Well, I think she's a real lady. I think I like her like Mrs. Dodd.” This was getting interesting indeed! “Do you think she can make trout flies?" As he talked, his voice got more excited and he leaned in closer and closer to me.

“Mark, you’re the most fickle person I ever met! How do I know if she can make trout flies?” I told him we needed to get that cake in the oven.

Mark had more news for me though. He had picked up a bag of new candies you put on the frosting. I started to look in the bag, but before I could get it open, he grabbed it from me and raced into the kitchen. I couldn’t help smiling. I’m glad Mark liked Nora so much – I liked her too! I thought that as I smiled a really big, contented smile.

While Nora was waiting for me, Nichols started talking seductively to her. “Dinner, Champaign, whatever else this town has to offer.” Nora smiled, thanking him for his persistence. But she had an engagement this evening already.

“You know, I really should be furious for pressing your intentions on me,” Nora stated with a seducing smile.

“But you’re not,” Nichols stated softly.

“No,” she smiled. “But I’m going to pretend that I am.” She suddenly reached out and slapped him hard! Nichols reared back as she started over to my wagon.

I saw it, and because I was a gentleman and believed in defending a woman’s honor, I jumped off the wagon and started over to punch this man myself for whatever he had done to her. But Nora ran up to me and put a restraining hand on me. “It’s alright, Lucas,” she promised.

“It didn’t look that way,” I stated angrily.

“This gentleman just wouldn’t believe that a woman traveling alone isn’t fair prey for any man.” I didn’t care. I still wanted to punch this man! She grabbed a strong hold on me, though, to keep me from my task. She assured me he understood now.

She was excited to get to the ranch and taste my chocolate cake. I helped her up over the wheel. After I sat down, I gave Nichols one more hard stare before driving away.

Nora sure did give us high praises on the supper – and the cake! She thought it was the best chocolate cake she’d ever tasted! I assured her that Mark deserved the praise for the cake. His frosting it what made it so unique. “Tain’t so!” Mark cut in. “Pa’s bakin’s the best there is! I wouldn’t want anyone else to do the cookin’ around here!”

Nora and I looked at each other and smile at Mark. Mark suddenly realized how that sounded and tried to make it sound better. But he failed miserably! Mark suddenly stated he needed to do the dishes. That right there was enough to send me a wondering! Sometimes, I had to threaten him within an inch of his life to get those dishes done! Then I got another big shocker! When Nora offered to help him, Mark said no! Can you believe that? My boy said no! “This is my night to wash the dishes,” he stated. Boy, that was a first!

“Pa, Why don’t you take Miss Sanford for a walk?” he suddenly asked.

He didn’t fool anyone! Even Nora knew that wasn’t normal for Mark! “I believe he wants to get rid of us,” Nora stated. I knew that he was trying to get us alone! “Come on, Lucas. You ought to show me the rest of the ranch. As we started out the door, I turned and started to say something to that boy of mine. But he only grinned a knowing grin and shrugged his shoulder in innocence. There was nothing innocent about this, though! He had it set up from the beginning!

As we walked, Nora was overcome by
The Rifleman - Nora - Episode 75the beauty of the ranch. “I’m all out of adjectives, Lucas! This is the loveliest spot I’ve ever seen1” she commented at one point.

“Well, when something’s bothering me, I come out here and this all seems to cut problems down to their proper size,” I commented.

“I see what you mean,” Nora stated. “I’ve never had a place or a person that I could take my problems to. I’ve always had to work them out for myself. My husband’s…oh, I don’t know. I couldn’t talk to him, be close to him.” She suddenly turned her head toward me. We were staring into each other’s eyes as she spoke softly to me. “You think I’ve changed much, Lucas?”

“I guess we all change a little as time goes on, Nora,” I answered honestly.

“A lot of years have passed. I wonder if it’s ever possible to recapture those years, even for a day. A moment.” I put my hands on her shoulders as we continued to look into each other’s eyes. I told her the past was done. It’s the future that counts.

She suddenly grabbed my hand and rested it on her shoulder. “Oh Lucas,” she cried. “I’m so afraid of the future. You see, I…I have nobody in the world. I’m so lonely.”

She suddenly looked up into my eyes. She moved her face in toward mine as we stood there quietly, staring at each other. I tried to resist her, but there was something…something pulling us toward each other. Our lips drew closer and closer together very slowly. Suddenly, I grabbed her and kissed her passionately.

I had given in to my past – to the passion with her I used to know so many years ago when we were both so much different!

Chad had been playing poker all night. He really had a lot of money to earn. He decided to take a break the next morning. Nichols offered to pay for his whisky. “Allow me,” he said. “You’ll need all those to come up with the $5,000 by tomorrow night.”

“I haven’t seen any real money in this town yet!” Chad complained.

Nichols reminded him that he had picked it. “You said that this is where all the big cattle men come to town. There’s only one bright spot in this whole trip – the Sanford woman. If it wasn’t for a promise of some interesting moments with her, I’d be tempted to finish you off now and leave!” Nichols declared.

I rode into town one afternoon to meet Mark. I asked Micah if he’d seen him. “I haven’t seen him today. Surprising, too. I’ve been seeing him a lot more than usual these past few days.” I told Micah I admired the way he noticed things. “Part of my job, Lucas Boy. But I wouldn’t say they boy’s up to any mischief unless he’s trying to play cupid between you and female.”

“Not don’t get any ideas, Marshal. She’s just an old friend,” I assured him.

Just then, Chat came out and asked Micah if North Fork had any rich cattleman. Micah told him that we did because they all played penny ante in the bunk house, that’s how they stayed rich! I was interested in that young man, he seemed awfully anxious to come in to some big money. I watched as he walked away. “Win, loose, or draw, that boy’s been gambling steady, day and night ever since he hit town. It’s like a disease.”

Suddenly, Nichols walked out of the saloon. I gave him a cold, hard stare as he just stood there. My staring finally got to him. "Something on your mind mister?" He finally asked.

I continued staring at him. "Should there be?” My voice held harshness in it. He just walked off.

Micah saw the interaction. "Something between you two?" he asked.

"Nothing in particular, Micah." I patted him on the back and suggested he buy me a cup of coffee.

I didn’t know it, but Nora had been watching me and Micah ever since I rode into town – from her hotel window. She decided the timing was perfect to carry out her scheming plan. She sat down and wrote a letter. “Dear Lucas, These past few days have meant more to me then you can possibly realize. I have an important decision to make. I wondered if you could meet me this afternoon.

She gave it to Mark and I read it when we got back to the ranch. Mark seemed to be daydreaming as I told him that Nora wanted to meet me outside town because she had something important to say to me. "She kissed me," Mark said dreamily.

I was just getting my hat when I heard that come out of Mark’s mouth. “How’s that?” I suddenly asked.

"She kissed me when she gave me the note. Right in front of everybody. Right on Main Street." Boy, did my boy have stars in his eyes!

"So," I said as I walked up behind him.

"Well, I don't want you to get the idea that her kissin' me had anything to do with it. But, well I've been thinkin' it over, and it wouldn't be so bad if she stayed in town and you started paying her court."

I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my young son’s mouth! "Aren't you getting a little ahead of yourself boy?" I asked, shocked.

"All the other kids have mothers. I don't see why I should be any different. Besides you must be awful sick just seeing me every time you turn around. So...well, it's okay with me." Mark was being very serious, but he couldn’t look at me as he spoke.

I let out a nervous laugh, not quite believing I was having this conversation with my boy! I had to set him straight on a few things. "Listen Mark,” I started as I threw my hat down on the table. I sat down on the edge of the table so I would be eye-level with him, then I turned him toward me. “First of all, I'll never get sick of seeing you around. As for a woman in the house, well, Lord knows I've givin' it plenty of thought. But son, you just can't make things like that happen. They take a little time and a little thinking. And you shouldn't rush into it." I picked up my hat and told him that while I was gone he should get started on my homework. I opened the door and grabbed my rifle. Then I turned back and looked towards my son. I smiled and shook my head at him.

That boy!

Meanwhile, Nora was at the place outside town waiting for me when Nichols showed up. She sure
The Rifleman - Nora - Episode 75 was glad, too, since he was part of her plan. She was grinning at him. He asked her what kind of woman she was. “You must have some idea, you’ve been trying hard enough to find out!” she declared.

He was a little leery about coming too close to her. He was afraid she’d slap him in the face again. Nora just laughed. “The look you gave me when you were hiring the buggy in the livery,” Nichols started.

“Look?” Nora asked coyly.

“I’d be sure to know what it meant, coming from a saloon girl.” He slowly walked up to her until their faces were only inches from each others. She told him that he’d be surprised at how many ladies dream of being saloon girls. He suddenly grabbed her and kissed her hard. “When I finish my business tomorrow night, how would you like to go to Denver with me?” They stayed in a passionate embrace.

“My cup runneth over,” Nora declared passionately.

“I want people to stare and wonder how Jud Nichols got a woman like you!”

She was watching for me to come. As soon as I came into sight she let out a loud, blood-curling scream. She slapped Nichols hard across the face and purposely ripped her shirt. Then she started fighting with Nichols.

So, by the time I got up to the two, I thought he was assaulting her. When she saw me, she screamed, "Look out Lucas, he's got a gun, he's gonna kill you!" She ran over to me crying. I could tell she had just been through something. “He wouldn’t leave me alone!” she screamed.

“That woman’s out of her mind,” Nichols declared as he pointed at her. I pointed my rifle at him. He took off his gun belt. “And you’re not crowding me into anything, McCain. I know your reputation with that rifle.”

“Alright, Nichols, we’ll do it your way,” I stated as I handed Nora my rifle.

He kept talking as I walked toward him. "She's makin' a fool out of both of us. Why, she's nothing but a..."

Bang! Suddenly, as he put up his fist to hit me, a shot rang through the air. I immediately turned around and saw Nora aiming the gun straight at Nichols. Smoke was still blowing around the rifle from the shot. I was mortified! I turned and saw Nichols fall to the ground. I hurried over to him. He was dead.

I was suddenly confused as I looked up at Nora. "Why you'd do it?" I asked her. My voice was full of hurt and disbelief. She didn't answer, but just stood there in silence and stared at the ground where Nichols’ body lay. I stood up and walked over to her "Nora, why?" I asked sternly.

She stared at me straight in the eye and flat out lied to me. "I don't know what happened. The gun just went off," she tried to explain.

But I knew it was on purpose, and no amount of arguing would change my opinion. I grabbed my rifle from her and stared at her. "You have to cock the lever before the gun goes off, Nora."

She turned on the tears then, hoping that would help her case of murder. "I don't know how it happened Lucas. I was so frightened, I was out of my mind!"

"Your lying to me," I stated. At that moment, she knew I wasn’t a man she could talk into allowing her to get away with a scheme like hers. She started to walk away from me but I grabbed her hard. I was angry and felt betrayed. "Why Nora, why?"

"He was going to kill Chad Morgan over a gambling debt,” she stated.

"Morgan? That boy who's been gambling at the saloon?" I asked.

"That boy is gonna marry me,” she insisted.

"How are you gonna explain Nichols?"

"Me, why you killed him Lucas to protect my honor. It was a fair fight. He drew first. Or if that's not the way you see it, I might be forced to tell the truth." She was talking in a evil voice – a voice that held only contentment in it, a voice that was desperate.

"The truth," I said. Obviously her version and my version was going to be different.

"Yes, you shot him in cold blood," Nora suggested. "You were jealous. I'm sure there's a lot of people in this town who knows were old friends. That we were seriously thinking of, should we say, marriage?"

I was angry! I’d had enough of her! I pushed her away and headed for the saloon and for Morgan. I didn’t have to worry about her getting away – she’d show up in North Fork!

Chad managed to win the big one just before I got there. Boy, was he relieved! Micah just happened to show up when I was staring inside. I gave Micah my rifle and hurried over to Chad. I angrily grabbed him by the shirt. “You got something to tell the Marshal. Start talking,” I demanded.

He suddenly insisted that he had won fair and square. “You know what I mean! You and Mrs. Sanford. The two of you had me set up to kill Nichols, is that right?” I declared angrily. He suddenly told me he didn’t know of any plan to kill him. I slapped him across the face and told him to start talking. “You’re in trouble, Mister! Talk,” I demanded.

“Well sure,” he admitted. “She said she was gonna play up to ya'. That’s why she came here, to play on your sympathies. But that’s all she told me! I swear!”

I stared at him, still very angry. “Well, Nichols is dead. She just shot him in cold blood,” I informed him through clinched teeth.

“But I just won enough money to pay off Nichols!”

“You won?” Nora suddenly cried from the door. She suddenly started crying and laughing at the same time. Her laugh was nervous – delirious. We stared at her in wonderment. She walked up to us. “Well, why don’t you laugh to Chad? Don’t you see the joke? I killed him for nothing!” Suddenly, her laughter disappeared as she came to a sickening realization. “And now you have all that money to yourself. You’ll be free to find another woman. I’ll be left alone. She started crying and fell to the floor. “All alone!”

I walked out, leaving her there to cry. I never looked back.

That night, in the silence of the house after things had settled down, I pulled my big leather chair around to the fire. Then I sat down in it and just stared into the fire.
The Rifleman - Nora - Episode 75I was so…very hurt. A women whom I was in love with to the point of marriage had delivered me the ultimate deception. I was humbled. Looking back on the past was painful.

Somewhere in my mind, I heard Mark moving around. I turned my head just a bit and said, “You oughta be in bed, Mark.”

Mark just stood in the doorway of the bedroom and answered, “In a little, Pa.” He walked over to my chair. “I still can’t believe it about Mrs. Sanford,” he commented. “I guess I’m not a very good judge of character.” He sat down on the edge of my chair.

I just continued staring at the fire. “It’s pretty hard to judge a person’s character, knowing her for such a short time. Remember, I've known Nora for many years. Sometimes it can be a cruel thing when someone you know changes. Cruel and sad."

I suddenly had this urge to get back to normal. I looked at my son. “You still want to go fishing in the morning?” I asked as I put my hand on his leg.

I suppose that Mark was a little shock with my question. He figured that was the last thing on my mind. "Yeah sure!" He said. I told him he better get to bed.

I turned and stared at the wall. I wanted to be alone and think some more on the hard lesson I had learned that day. Like I said, life sure can be rough when a friend deceives you!

This was taken from Julie Adams - Official Website.....

*I worked with Chuck Connors on The Rifleman. It was one episode but it was going to be a recurring role but it didn’t work out because of my pregnancy. I loved working on Big Valley. I got to work with Barbara Stanwyck which was just fantastic. I was so thrilled to be working with a big movie star I had seen on the screen back in Arkansas and she was such a great person as well as being such a fantastic actress. I played a villainess and got to push her around. There was a lot of good television work around in those days.

piddlin' stuff.....Julie Adams played the deceitful Nora Sanford. Wasn't she a down right evil woman? I did not like Nora at all ― she was a phony and a user!!!!!  Julie Adams did an excellent job as Nora!!!!!
Please be sure & check out Julie Adams website and her book/autobiography - The Lucky Southern Star: Reflections from the Black Lagoon.

Murvyn Vye played Jude Nichols. He was the guy who Nora killed.

Michael Stefani played Chad Morgan. He's Nora's secret lover & the guy who won big time in the card game at the end.

John Carpenter appeared as the stagecoach driver.

Whitey Hughes was a well known and respected stuntman, he appeared in twenty-seven episodes of The Rifleman and still counting.  Whitey had over a 50-year career as a stuntman and stunt coordinator, he has been praised as one of the top stuntman in Hollywood.  Whitey was the best of the best!

Archie Butler — Stuntman — Stunt coordinator — Actor - Archie has been in more episodes then anybody with the exception of the regular cast and he probably was in more episode then some of them. ~Arnold Laven
Remember him in The Sharpshooter?  Remember when Lucas shot the whiskey bottle and it shattered into pieces?  Archie was the cowboy who slid the whiskey bottle to Lucas.  Sometimes Archie was a stand-in for Paul Fix.

Joe E. Benson appeared in The Rifleman many times, probably more times than listed. Sometimes credited & sometimes not.
*Please note: In Dark Day at North Fork he appeared as two different characters - as one of the townsmen & the bartender.
Joe was a good friend & a neighbor of Chuck's. He helped Chuck build a tree house for the boys and also help build the addition onto the house which was later called the den. (One of the several
 tree house pictures)

Nick Borgani appeared in three episodes ― The Spoiler as a townsmen ― Lariat as the card dealer ― Nora as a poker game spectator.

Les Raymaster has appeared in seven episodes Duel of Honor as a Barfly ― The Coward as a townsman Honest Abe as a townsman Nora as a townsman A Case of Identity  as a townsman The Lariat as a gambler ― Dead Cold Cash as a townsman.

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