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The Rifleman 1959 October TV Guide Article
Ordeal episode #48
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The Rifleman 1959 October TV Guide Article
How the storms came (as per order) to The Rifleman set

The sands of time are not fine enough for The Rifleman. The crew of the ABC show recently improved on nature while filming in the Mojave Desert of California, where a half-ton of fuller's earth was whipped into a sandstorm.
Sand, wind and actors were imported. The fuller's earth was brought along because it was clean "dirt"a powered clay "de-germed" to protect the actors. Four wind machines created 30-mile-an-hour-gusts.
More baffling than the technical problems were the unexpected results. After each scene equipment had to be dug out; Chuck Connors' rifle had to be cleaned again and again; it took 30 minutes to uncover Connors' buried script. And after six hours, the company had to vacate because nature threatened to unload a real desert storm.


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