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Billy & his Rifleman's Rifle

Sometime ago Billy wrote to me and asked me if I could send him a picture of Lucas' rifle stand. Which I was glad to do. Billy has sent the ranch pictures of his rifle and stand for everyone to enjoy.

 Here is what Billy had to say: The stand was made by a friend of mine Bruce XXXXX a much better carpenter then I am. I also attached a few pictures of my Rifleman’s Rifle made from a Puma model 92 carbine. The gun is .38Spl/.357 Mag. caliber with a 16 inch barrel length. The rifle came with a “Large Loop” but it was considerably smaller than the loop on Chuck’s rifle. I bought a stock lever and modified it based on photos from your web site.

To view larger pictures of the rifle click on the rifle pictures above

I would also like to mention that twirling and throw cocking the rifle like Chuck Connors (Lucas) does takes some practice. I’m not a big man so the shorter barrel length makes it possible for me to do some of the things Lucas does. The sight on the rifle is extremely sharp and if it hits you or your clothing any where it’s going to do some damage and be painful. I’m speaking from experience here. When I started twirl cocking the rifle I put a mat in front of me on the floor to protect the rifle in case I dropped it. I also tied a cloth rag around the sight. I did drop the rifle a few times and also whacked myself in the head and arm a few times. I will have to say that I kept at it until I could do both maneuvers similar to Lucas. My wife thought I was crazy but when it was all said and done she even thinks twirling the rifle looks cool.

I really enjoyed your story. Sorry Billy but I did have to laugh a bit when you said you whacked yourself in the head & arm and a few times. I know I would even consider it trying that. I'm sure it does take a lot of practice.

Thank you so much for sharing your Rifleman's Rifle with us! Billy said he would send one of him later with his rifle.
Let's hope so!

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