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I have been a Rifleman fan since 1962 when I was 5.

I bought a Rossi 92 back in the 80's, which was a foreign made knock off of the famed Winchester 92. This rifle came with an optional lever loop, which I ordered and had installed, that wasn't quite as large as Lucas', but one look and people know from where the idea came from. My Rossi, which has a barrel a little shorter than "the" rifle, holds 10 shots, so Lucas could have held 11-12 bullets quite easily in his rifle.

More info on the Rifleman's rifle, taken from


In Spain in 1929 , the company of Gárate y Anitúa made a copy of the Model 92 Winchester in .44-40 called "El Tigre". These were a very close (if not exact) copy of the Model 92.

Apparently made by the thousands, these were available in the US in the 1950's and 60's for relatively little money. Chuck Connors carried one in his scabbard on the show The Rifleman ... it was used as the saddle gun and for scenes where the gun may get banged around a bit .... saving the more valuable Winchester '92 for the close-up scenes.

From regarding the Winchester 92's bullet capacity:

"Over its long life, the Model '92 would be made in barrel lengths from fourteen to thirty-one inches, however the twenty-inch carbine model, holding eleven cartridges in its tubular magazine was pretty much the
standard fare."

Thanks Ed for sharing these pictures with us and also your TV guide collection!

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