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The Rifleman by Jeff Wolford
This is Jeff with his Rifleman's Rifle and his autograph picture of Chuck Connors as The Rifleman.

By far, my favorite show of all times! What a Man (real man) and role model Lucas McCain was. Every Dad in the world could and should copy him on the way he raised his son, Mark. It was nothing short of fantastic on the way he handled his rifle.

One of my favorite episodes was in the beginning, Home Ranch - episode #2, when the bad men burned down the newly bought McCain house and Lucas told Mark the story about Job from the Bible. I also liked the cougar episode, Conflict - episode #155, the 1st episode The Sharpshooter, and the episode when Lucas won Mark the shotgun, The Promoter - episode #87 and also The Raid' - episode #37 when the Apache Indians kidnapped Mark.

I was so intrigued with the show that I bought a rifle, decades ago, just like the one Lucas used. I took it to the gunsmith and had it modified to rapid fire as Lucas did when he opened the show. Like Lucas said, practice, practice and more practice. I got fairly good with my rifle and could pick off crows from the river bank at our camp.

I'll miss him always and treasure the three autographed pictures my wife, Glenda, somehow got for me.

They read, "All the best to a good friend and fan. Stay happy!"

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures of you with your rifle with us!

Your story really touched me!

A special thank you goes to Jeff's wife Glenda for helping to make this happen!

The Book of Job as told by Lucas McCain

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