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September 30, 1958,television had aired one of the best shows in television history. The Rifleman. I had turned twelve just two days before the show had aired. How could you not like it? That opening scene with Chuck Connors firing 11 rounds in a matter of seconds is second to none. The story lines that consisted of a strong father figure bringing up his son alone and teaching him right from wrong. The father was tough when needed to be and loving all of the time. He was not afraid to read from the Bible. I was completely awe struck with this show. The Rifleman could be very heart warming at times. I wanted a rifle just like the one Lucas had used to get justice done.

Fast forward 42 years. I now have a rifle like the "Flipspecial" or close to it. It is not a Winchester 44-40 model 92 but close. I hope the following pictures will do it justice. The rifle is an EMF Winchester replica 44-40. The rifle is a model 92. It has the large loop lever with the set screw to trip the trigger while in the closed position just like the one that Chuck Connors had used on the show. The large loop lever was made in California and assembled to my rifle. The receiver is case hardened and the lever was made to match. The rifle has been reworked to operate more smoothly. It works beautifully. I have pumped 10 rounds (blanks) through it in a matter of seconds. This rifle brings back some happy memories and it only took 42 years to be able to get it. Well worth the wait.

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