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This is a publicity still from Stage Coach, 1939. I had seen this photo a number of years ago, but that print was fairly small.
This image clearly shows Ringo's large loop lever.

...and a well-used butt stock, too!  The Duke sure looks young!

Thanks Shawn for this great piece of info!

This supports Pete's theory!

Guns & Ammo article from 2005

On the tube, it's best known in the hands of Chuck Connors as The Rifleman and Steve McQueen in Wanted Dead or Alive. But unquestionably, the most familiar ... Keep It Rollin'
Known to generations of Western movie fans, the legendary Winchester Model 92 is having a career rerun.

But that all changed one week, when my friend the late Chuck The Rifleman Connors invited my wife and me up to watch over his ranch in Tehachapi while he was ... Unlikely Home Defense Guns ~Thanks Turquoise!

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The rifle used in the pilot The Sharpshooter

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Chucks' rifle on display

John Wayne's rifle auction

Pete's theory on....."How many shots did Lucas McCain fire in the opening scene of The Rifleman?"
John Wayne's Stagecoach rifle

*As a life long John Wayne fan and avid shooter,I've been doing quite a bit of research on "The Duke's Winchesters"....the large loop versions. The original two 1892 large loops were the brainchild of Yakama Kanut and John Wayne. It sounds like there were two modified for the film. Then they appear in several other films in the 1940s. If we skip up to the 1950s we see a model 1892 with a standard 20 inch barrel with the more traditional egg shaped large loop used in Hondo and Rio Bravo. Go ahead to 1969 and in True Grit the Duke uses a Trapper Model 1892 throughout most of the film.
However, if you look close in the scene where they attack Ned Peppers cabin....the 20 inch version shows up briefly....but that's the only scene the standard size model appears. When Cogburn confronts Ned in the end...he snaps around the Trapper (which can be seen in the NRA Museum Book in full color). The Trapper shows up again in Rooster Cogburn, Big Jake and the Shootist. The full size version shows up in El Dorado with Robert Mitchum using a standard size Rifleman loop compared to John Wayne's standard large loop. So, he actually had a Trapper version....standard 20 inch version and the original Stagecoach version. Thanks Robert Griffin!

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