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The 'Other' weapons in The Rifleman.....
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Hello, all!.....Lucas' rifle is the most well-known of all the weapons on the show. I noticed a few other noteworthy guns, too.

Let's start with Mark's rifle. The Gunshop owner, (Mark's Rifle — episode #150) tells Mark & Lucas that it was a .22, and that is correct. He also states it is a '73, and that is wrong. It appears to be a Winchester 1890, like this one:

Shawn got these pictures from.....Gunbroker Auction
Next, let's look at Jeremy Pennebroke's rifle, from "Sporting Chance". He says he made it himself. In reality, it looks like a Colt Lightning, like this one:

Shawn got these pictures from.....Gunbroker Auction
...and Pennebroke's was nickel-plated
As a side note, I noticed that in the episode The Stand-In, one of the wagon guards (Richard Devon, I believe), hits the prisoner with a rubber revolver. The barrel bends when he strikes the convicts fingers & window bars..... "That's right, Billy, I'm good with it. I hit what I shoot at, and I'm fast!"-Lucas McCain, c1882 — aka J.W. Hardin, Shawn's distant cousin is the "meanest man in the West", John Wesley Hardin.

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The 'Other' weapons 2.....

John Wayne's Stagecoach rifle

Pete's theory

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Thanks Shawn for all this neat info and some really great pictures! 

I found these page on "the other weapons" very interesting!
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