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Hello, again!  Well, I have a couple more things to add.

Gunsmith, Steve Young, has said that it has been a common practice among moviemakers to substitute one kind of rifle for another. I'm specifically speaking of using the Winchester1892 as a Henry rifle. The result is a "Hollywood Henry". The very least that's required to do this is to remove the fore-end wood. A real Henry looks like this:

Steve Young specializes in Rossi model 92 rifles. They are copies of Winchester 92s. His Web site is:

The "Hollywood Henry" is made from one of these:

From a distance, they are hard to tell apart. The giveaway is the loading gate on the 1892.

In the episode The Grasshopper, Arthur Hunnicutt's character, Nathaniel Cameron, carried a Hollywood Henry.

In the episode The Jailbird, the "$300.00 rifle" that Eli Manse wanted appears to be a Hollywood Henry.  Eli's was nickel-plated.

The TV series "Bonanza" made good use of Hollywood Henrys, too.

...and, in the episode Stranger at Night, Artemus Quarles steals a revolver from a man that he killed. The revolver is a break-action gun, that is nickel-plated, and referred to as a "Russian" model. It appears that, in reality, the revolver is a Smith & Wesson like this one:

The caliber is .44 Russian. I have seen similar guns called a "Schofield". Artemus Quarles' could have stolen a "New Model No.3", like the one in the auction I swiped the pictures from: 
GunBroker Auction for Russian Revolver

Navy Arms sells reproductions of both variety of S&W revolver:  Navy Arms' Web Site
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Hi,  Do you know what model was Marks .22 rifle? Thank you.  —Mike

I will try to help answer the question. When Mark buys his rifle, the gunsmith called it a "'73". In reality, Mark's rifle is, very probably, a Winchester Model 1890 pump-action rifle. Based on the length of the magazine tube, under the barrel, I would guess that the barrel is 24" long. I cannot tell if it is a round barrel, or an octagon-shaped barrel. The caliber is definitely .22, but I do not know exactly which ".22" it was. I believe that the choices would be either .22 Short, .22 Long, or .22 Long Rifle. The ".22 Long Rifle" version would probably also handle the Short & the Long ammo. I hope that I have been of help to you.  —Shawn

Hi Margie,
That is exactly what I wanted to know.

 Thank you very much.  Mike

You wanna chit chat about the rifle ~ maybe The Rifleman..... just drop Shawn a line!

You wanna chit chat about the rifle ~ maybe The Rifleman..... just drop Shawn a line!

The 'Other' weapons

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Thanks Shawn for all this neat info and some really great pictures! 
I found these page on "the other weapons" very interesting!
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