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Both of these rifles are 44-40’s El Tigre with the traditional round lever.

This is an El Tigre 44-40 SRC Trapper version. with "Stagecoach" version lever.
This rifle was cut down from a traditional 21" barrel.

This is a 44-40 El Tigre SRC with Traditional round lever.

Rossi 44-40 SRC with traditional early round lever.

I would call this the “Stagecoach” Version. This a rifle I cut down from the normal 21” barrel to 16”

These rifles are from my collection, that I have built.

These are from Winchester's Collection.

These are two Rossi 44-40 SRC.  
The top is the traditional round lever and the bottom is of the later more square type lever.

Two El Tigres SRC in 44-40 One in a “Rifleman” version and one a “Stagecoach Version”

Winchester did go through all the proper authorities (ATF) before he cut this rifle down.

Winchester's Mare's Leg

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