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Here is Jonny P. with his rifle in his man cave. 

The rifles on the wall were his Dad's, and the action figures on the table are vintage Johnny West.

Johnny West, haven't heard that in years.  What a neat collection you have here Jonny!

The rifle is a 1961 Model 94 30-30 carbine.  He had a gunsmith do the lever, and as Jonny says,
"It came out great!"

Jonny's rifle stand that he made.....

Jonny:  I made the stand out of red oak and stained it with Merlot stain to match other things in my room, like the O-scale railroad shelf I have going all the way around the room just 1 foot from the ceiling.  It's all controlled with a remote, just like using the TV.  I also made the shadow box for my Dad's guns.  There's another on the other side of the room with an M-1 Garand rifle and two bayonets in it, one from WWII and one from the Korean War.  I also have a pretty good collection of vintage GI Joes on display in there too.

On football game days, I sit in there and watch the game on the big screen TV, and every time there's a score I'll hit the horn button on the remote for the train and it goes, "WHOOOO-WHOOOO!!!"

Thanks Jonny for sharing your Rifleman's rifle, rifle stand & your collections with us! 
It certainly is a collection to be proud of!

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