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The Sharpshooter
— episode 1

1.  What was the name of The McCain Ranch before Lucas bought it and how many acres was it?
The Dunlap Ranch and 4100 acres

2.  According to this episode, how far is the Dunlap Ranch to North Fork?
4 miles South

3.  What was the name of the hotel in this episode and who owned it?
California House and Judge Hanavan

4.  What was the price of Lucas & Mark's room and what was the room number?
$2 ― 1/2 in advance  /  room #5

5.  Who was the owner of the saloon and just about everything else in North Fork except for the hotel & it's cook?
Big Jim Lewis

6.  How much was the prize money for?

7.   What was the first meal Mark ordered at the hotel?
Beef stew

8.  How much was the entry fee for the Turkey Shoot?
$10 entry fee

9.  What was the name the people had for Lucas when he & Mark lived in the
The Rifleman

10. What was the name of the Sheriff of North Fork?
Sheriff Fred Thomlinson

11. Why did Lucas throw The Turkey Shoot?
Because Big Jim Lewis threatened Mark's life

12. How did Big Jim Lewis threaten Mark?
Lewis threatens Mark by standing behind him and putting a hand on his shoulder and his other hand on his gun

13. In the final round, what was Lucas's & Vernon's score?
Vernon's was — 4 in the center — 1 just out & Lucas's was — 4 in the center — 1 way out — Lucas had thrown the match

14. What was Lucas's remark to Vernon when he asked Lucas if he threw the match?
"Why you wet-nosed, two-bit little punk, you couldn't whip me in ten years!"

15. What did Lucas tell Vernon to do if he didn't come back from the saloon after facing Big Jim Lewis?
He told him that Mark was his responsibility & they were to get on their horses and get out of town

16. There is a sign in the saloon that tells how much a beer is, how much is it?

17. Dennis Hopper was in another episode of The Rifleman, can you name that episode?
Three Legged Terror

18. Mark told Vernon he could shoot his Pa's rifle, but later we learn that Mark cannot shoot nor is he allowed to. What episode does Mark get his first shooting lesson?
#150 - Mark's Rifle

19. What does The SharpshooterA Friend in NeedPanicSkullThe Vision all have in common?
In all of these episodes we hear Lucas referred to as 'Dad' or Daddy'. See below.....

#1. The Sharpshooter - Dennis Hopper/Vernon refers to Lucas as "your Dad'. This scene is when Mark and Vernon are in the lobby of the hotel, right after the Turkey Shoot. In the original script you can see where they changed Dad to Pa.
#47. Panic - Mark told Lucas he would see him tomorrow.
#66. The Vision - Hazel: “I wish I could say the same thing for his Daddy."
#123. A Friend in Need - Carl Avery: “Hello, kid,” the man greeted him. You wouldn’t want to see anything happen to your Dad…would you now?”
#124. Skull - The Lordsburg Sheriff: "Now you see son...why we have to stay here and wait. We can't go looking for "your Daddy." This is right before Lucas, Coyle & his men ride into town.

20. Who was the creator of The Rifleman? He wrote The Sharpshooter and Home Ranch. He also wrote & directed The MarshalThe Boarding HouseThe Money GunThe Babysitter.
Sam Peckinpah

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