The Rifleman
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New Orleans Menace
— episode 10

1. What did Mark witness while on his way home?

2. What was Lucas & Mark doing when the Czar (Señor Tiffauges) & his men rode into their ranch?

3. Why did Czar and his henchmen stop by the McCain Ranch?

4. When the Czar was whipping Xavier, how did Lucas stop him?

5. How much property did the Czar own in New Orleans?

6. The Czar told Lucas he would take his land off of his hands, what did Lucas tell him?

7. The Czar would not take "no" for an answer, what did he tell Lucas to do?

8. How much did the Señor Tiffauges deposit in the North Fork Bank?

9. Lucas gave Mark a nickel to buy what?

10. When John Hamilton had a drink with Señor Tiffauges he was offered a special wine, Micah had to drink from the other bottle, local wine. Which was given to Lucas to drink?

11. What did Señor Tiffauges use to test Xavier's & Lucas' shooting skills?

12. How much did Señor Tiffauges offer Lucas for his ranch?

13. Lucas told the Czar to be at his ranch at what time?

14. What time did Lucas tell Micah to be at the McCain Ranch?

15. What time did the Czar show up at the ranch?

16. What kind of a man did Xavier think Lucas was?

17. What did Xavier take from Tiffauges pocket after he killed him & said that he earned them?

18. What item was setting inside of Mark's headboard to his bed?

19. Michael Pate appeared in this episode as Xavier, can you name the other four episodes he was in?

20.How many episodes do we see someone using a whip? Can you name the episodes and who's doing the whipping and to who/what?

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