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Dark Day at North Fork — episode 100

1.  What was Lucas doing by the barn?

2.  What happened?

3.  What was Doc Burrage medical opinion?

4.  As they were leaving town what happened to Lucas?

5.  What did Milly have for him?

6.  What did Mark do?

7.  What was Lucas concerned about?

8.  What was Lucas determined to do?

9.  How did Mark help Lucas with this?

10. How could Lucas navigate the ranch yard?

11. What did Lucas do that could have burned the house down?

12. Who heard Lucas was blind that wanted to harm Lucas?

13. Who was Solby?

14. When Solby came to the ranch, how did Lucas know he was there?

15. Micah was at the ranch, where was he at this time?

16. Lucas was washing his hands, how did he fake Solby out?

17. Lucas and Mark went back to the Doctor. What happened?

18. What did Lucas do when he realized he could see?

19. Who was Doc Burrage in this episode? What other episodes did he appear in?

20. Who was Jack Solby? What other episodes did he appear in?

Dark Day at North Fork — answers

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