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The Prisoner — episode 101

1.  Why did Lucas ride to town?

2.  Who were the men who went into the saloon and took some whisky from Sweeney without paying for it>

3.  How did they know Lucas?

4.  What happened there?

5.  How long has it been since Lucas has seen them?

6.  When Lucas was back at the ranch what was he doing?

7.  Who came to the ranch then?

8.  What did they want?

9.  Where was Mark when this was going on?

10. What did they do to him?

11. How were they going to keep him?

12. How long were they going to keep him prisoner?

13. What was disgusting about the food they gave Lucas?

14. What did Lucas use for a weapon?

16. How was Lucas planning on escaping?

17. What happened when Troc opened the door?

18. Did Lucas kill the Major?

19. Who played Major King? What other episodes did he appear in?

20. Who played Corporal Troc? What other episodes did he appear in?

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