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The Assault — episode

1.  How does this episode unfold?

2.  How does she defend herself?

3.  Does the man kill her?

4.  Who comes to the ranch then?

5.  What did Speed do?

6.  What evidence did Speed drop at the house?

7.  Where did Speed go then?

8.  What was Speed doing when Lucas saw him?

9.  What new product was Speed selling?

10. What did Speed offer to Lucas?

11. What did Speed offer to Mark?

12. How much would Mark get paid?

13. While waiting for Lucas in the hotel two men came in and approached Speed? Why?

14. What did they think Speed did?

15. What did Micah do?

16. When they asked Vashti if Speed did it what did she say?

17. Why did she lie?

18. Who played Speed Sullivan?

19. Who directed this episode?

20. What other episode was Speed and Swifty in?

The Assault — answers

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