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Short Rope for a Tall Man — episode 103

1.  Where was Lucas and Mark?

2.  What were they doing there?

3.  What did Mark want to do before leaving town?

4.  When Mark first asked Mr. Schneider about the horses what did he tell Mark?

5.  Lucas saw Ben Crown and his men come to town.  What did they want?

6.  They asked Lucas to ride with them.  Why didn’t he?

7.  What was Mr. Schneider's next offer about the horses?

8.  What else did Mr. Schneider want to do?

9.  What was his story about leaving?

10. What happened on the trail when they made camp?

11. Where was Schneider when this happened?

12. What did they accuse Lucas of doing?

13. What happened when they called Schneider out of the wagon?

14. When Crown rode up want did he want to see?

15. What did they do to Lucas?

16. What were they going to do?

17. What did they say about the bill of sale?

18. What did Mark do?

19. Who played Schneider? What other episodes was he in?

20. Who played Ben Crown? What other episodes was he in?

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