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The Clarence Bibs Story — episode

1.  Who was Clarence Bibs?
Local handy man and mop boy

2.  Where was he working?
Milly's store

3.  What did he do on the side?
Cleaned guns for people

4.  How much did he get per gun?
25 cents

5.  What did he also like to do?
Practice drawing with the guns he cleaned

6.  Who rode into town that got irritated by Clarence?
Gunman Pretty Boy Longden

7.  What did Clarence do to irritate him?
Accidentally threw some mop water on him

8.  What did Longden want Clarence to do since he was wearing a gun holster?
Have a shootout with him

9.  What did scared Clarence do?
Backed up and tripped and the gun went off killing Longden

10.  Who rode into town next?
George Tanner

11. Who was George Tanner?
Longdens partner

12. Did he want revenge?
Not after he heard it was a fair fight

13. What were the boys in the saloon doing to Clarence?
Pumping him up to approach Tanner and tell him to leave town

14. What did Clarence do?
Told George to get out of town

15. What did George do?
George knew Clarence would have no chance against him and being an honorable man mounted up and told Clarence “you should count your blessings”

16. Clarence is mad at Lucas and wants him to draw? What does Lucas do?
He shot Clarence's gun still in the holster

17. Reade and Wicks were now ready to challenge Clarence. What did Lucas say about this?
“Watch his eyes boys, that’s when his hand starts moving”

18. They were afraid, what did they do?
Back down

19. Who played Clarence Bibs? What other episode was he in?
Buddy Hackett appeared in two episode ― Bloodlines as Daniel Malakie, the father of the the three disruptive cowboys. I thought he was excellent in this part! I remember when I first saw him in this role, I couldn't believe my eyes. Buddy Hackett being a bad guy, yeah right! He did great! He also was in The Clarence Bibs Story as the slow witted handy man who gets himself into trouble when he accidentally killed a skilled gunfighter.
Denver Pyle and Buddy Hackett appeared together in Bloodlines and The Clarence Bibs Story

20. Who played George Tanner? What other episodes was he in?
Denver Pyle appeared in five episodes ― Bloodlines as Henry Trumble, he was the one that the Malakie clan mistakenly killed, they thought he was Lucas ― The Legacy as Seth Mitchell, he was the Pa of the two young men that was accused of killing Pa Simons ― The Clarence Bibs Story as George Tanner the gunfighter who came to North Fork to find out what happened to his partner Pretty Man Longden ― The Decision as Frank Hazlitt, he was the dude who threaten Lucas because he was going to testify against his son ― The Hangman as Harold Tanner as the hangman and the killer of Eban Muchen.

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