The  Rifleman
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The Clarence Bibs Story — episode

1.  Who was Clarence Bibs?

2.  Where was he working?

3.  What did he do on the side?

4.  How much did he get per gun?

5.  What did he also like to do?

6.  Who rode into town that got irritated by Clarence?

7.  What did Clarence do to irritate him?

8.  What did Longden want Clarence to do since he was wearing a gun holster?

9.  What did scared Clarence do?

10.  Who rode into town next?

11. Who was George Tanner?

12. Did he want revenge?

13. What were the boys in the saloon doing to Clarence?

14. What did Clarence do?

15. What did George do?

16. Clarence is mad at Lucas and wants him to draw? What does Lucas do?

17. Reade and Wicks were now ready to challenge Clarence. What did Lucas say about this?

18. They were afraid, what did they do?

19. Who played Clarence Bibs? What other episode was he in?

20. Who played George Tanner? What other episodes was he in?

The Clarence Bibs Story — answers

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