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The Score is Even — episode

1.  Mark and Lucas were several days out o the trail and Mark sees a big Buck. He wants Lucas to shoot but he does not, why?

2.  What happened then?

3.  What did he find?

4.  What happened then?

5.  Who shot Lucas?

6.  When the men left what were they going to do?

7.  What did the man who was supposed to kill them do?

8.  What did Lucas and Mark do then?

9.  What did they need they did not have?

10. Where could they get water?

11. At nightfall who’s camp did they come upon?

12. What did Lucas do?

13. Lucas and Mark are taking them to justice riding the horses. What are Andy and Jax doing?

14. What did Lucas do the second night at the camp?

15. Why did Lucas want Mark to go?

16. What happened next?

17. Did Jax free Andy?

18. What did Andy say?

19. Returning back Mark heard the shots. What did he find?

20. How did the Merar ranch get its name?

The Score is Even — answers

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