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The Mescalero Curse — episode 106

1.  When Lucas and Mark rode into town what was about to happen?

2.  What was going on with the stores?

3.  Ho did Lucas try to rid of Mark not to see the hanging?

4.  Who did Lucas meet o the street?

5.  What was Joe concerned about?

6.  Two Indians came into town. What did they say to Lucas?

7.  How did Lucas reply?

8.  What did the Indians do then?

9.What did this item represent?

10. When the Indians got the body after he was hung, did they get it from below the gallows or did they go up the steps to get him?

11. What kind of burial were they planning for the man?

12. Why is this important?

13. When Mark went to bed that night he work up suddenly. Who did he claim he saw?

14. Who was Shadow?

15. What was Mark afraid of?

16. When Joe Beasley was coming out of the saloon what did he see?

17. What did Lucas and Mark see at the ranch?

18. When Tom and Jake came to the ranch, Jake was very sick. What from?

19. When Lucas found Shadow what did he find on Shadow?

20. Why did the Apaches do this?

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