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Stopover — episode 107

1.  Lucas and Mark were working in the warn on a cold snowy night. What happened when they went to the house?

2.  What other episode does a stagecoach pull into the ranch?

3.  What was the reason for the stage stopping there?

4.  Joe Higgins played Scotty and also played Nils Swenson The Blacksmith. There were four episodes that Joe did not play Nils, can you name them?

5.  How many people were on the stage? Can you name them?

6.  Who played Chris Rolf?

7.  What was Lucas serving for dinner?

8.  Where was the woman going to sleep?

9.  What secret was Chris Rolf hiding?

10. What was Rolf keeping in his luggage that people thought may be money?

11. Who said the ‘blessing’ at supper?

12. What was Rolfs profession before he became a gunfighter?

13. Why did he become a gunfighter?

14. How did Mark agree to sleep in the same room with Tess?

15. What other episodes do we see snow?

16. What was Mark excited to tell the kids at school?

17. What was Mark not going to tell the kids?

18. Who played Vince Medford? What other episode did he appear in?

19. Who played Tess Miller?

20. What one thing was unusual in the production of this episode?

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