The  Rifleman
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The Lonesome Bride — episode 108

1.  When Lucas was walking down the boardwalk what happened?
The Banner brothers had their feet up making people go in the street to go around

2.  What did Lucas do?
Kicked one of their chairs knocking him down and made them take their feet down

3.  What was their plan to get back at Lucas?
Order him a wife through the mail so she could ‘hen peck’ him

4.  When Mark left for school he had a list of items needed that evening. What were they for?
Milly was coming to supper

5.  When Lucas went to town, who got off the stage?
The woman the Banner brothers had ordered

6.  Who greeted the stage?

7.  Who was the woman on the stage?
Mary Woodson

8.  Where was she from?
St. Louis

9.  What was the name of the company she was ordered through?
A Matrimony Bureau

10. Who did the tell Micah she was looking for?

11. How did Lucas find out about this woman?
Mark rode home and asked him if he had ordered a wife

12. When Lucas went to Micha’s office, who was there?
Mary Woodson and Milly also came in

13. Who kissed Lucas?

14. What did Milly say?
“Am I still invited to dinner”?

15. What did Mary tell Micah to do?
Arrest Lucas, she was going to press charges against him

16. What happened when Mary went to the saloon?
First Sweeney did not want to serve her.

17. What did Lucas do when he followed Mary to the saloon?
He told her again he did not write the letters

18. What exposed who wrote the letters?
The Banner brothers talking

19. Who did Mary leave town with?
Kelly Banner

20. Who played Mary Woodson?
Joan Shawlee played Mary Woodson

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