The  Rifleman
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Death Trap — episode 109

1.  There was a gunfight. Who forced it?

2.  What happened to Stark?

3.  Why did Spicer ride away?

4.  Who found Stark?

5.  What did they do with Stark?

6.  Where was the doctor?

7.  Mark noticed a girl on the street. What did she do?

8.  Who was the girls Father?

9.  Simon was a gunfighter, why would he be going to the Dr office.

10.  How did Lucas and Simon know each other?

11.  What was Simons daughters name?

12. How did Lucas get Vicki and Mark out of the office so he and Simon could talk?

13. How old is Vicki?

14. Did Lucas want Simon to treat the man?

15. What did Simon do?

16. Did Lucas cooperate at this point?

17. What happened at the office then?

18. What happened next?

19. After the gunfight, how does Lucas feel about Simon?

20. Who played the part of Vicki? What other episode was she in?

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