The Rifleman
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The Apprentice Sheriff — episode 11

1. What was the first thing Lucas noticed when he rode into town?

2. What did Lucas help himself to while talking with Charlie Willard?

3. Why was Dan Willard dropped from West Point?

4. Why did the Texas Cowhands start making trouble?

5. What was Dan doing when Lucas walked into The Marshal's Office?

6. What was Lucas definition of enforcing the law?

7. What trick did the drovers play on Dan?

8. What happen when Dan started to approach the dead man?

9. How could Lucas tell the first man wasn't drunk?

10. How could Lucas tell the man on the floor wasn't dead?

11. What time was the deadline for all sidearm's to be turned in, according to Dan's sign that he posted?

12. Keely sent Reed Barns with a message for Dan telling him that he was revoking Dan’s gun law and if he wants to enforce it he would be waiting for him. What was Dan’s answer?

13. Lucas told Reed that Keely must have lost his touch and that he never thought he’d want to gun a kid. What was Reed's response to this?

14. Why did Lucas tell Dan to walk down to the church and come back up the street to the saloon?

15. What other episode did a townsman deliberately walk with the sun in his eyes?

16. Why did Lucas tell Dan to watch Thompson's eyes?

17. Dan was wounded, as Thompson started to walk away, what did Lucas tell him?

18. Lucas beat Thompson to the draw, he wounded Thompson, he asked Lucas why didn’t he kill him, what was Lucas’ remark?

19. Robert Vaughn starred on The Man From Uncle as Napoleon Solo, what other spies appeared on The Rifleman?

20. William Bryant appeared in Branded eight times with Chuck. Always as the same character. Who was this character?

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